Download Xnspy Phone Tracker APK [Premium Unlocked – Android & iOS]

Download Xnspy Phone Tracker APK
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Xnspy is a widely recognized smartphone monitoring app that provides real-time updates. Parents find it exceptionally helpful to track their children’s activities, while employees use it to monitor employee activities on company-owned devices.

There is a lot of spy software available on the market today. However, Xnspy Apk offers value for money and comes with a suite of advanced features that make it a reliable, easy-to-use, and secure monitoring app.

The Android tracker app for smartphones was reported by some users as being slow at times to load and upload data. That is the sole reason why the developers of Xnspy took it upon themselves to make revisions to the app, add new features, and fix the existing bug problems.

Therefore, in this article, I will review the latest version of the Xnspy Apk phone tracker and talk about the exciting new features, installation process, performance adjustments, and bug fixes.

Prominent New Features of Xnspy APK 3.0

Other than the common features, Xnspy has been revised to include more features. When you make an Android APK download, you can record all calls and text messages, record surrounding sounds, delete or wipe data, and take screenshots. But, with the recent adjustment, you can also

1. Tracking & Blocking Of Installed Apps

Track installed applications on the target phone and block them at any time you want.

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2. Zoom-In Feature

With a new zoom-in feature, you can keep track of and view instant messenger chats more succinctly.

3. Addition Of Snapchat & Tinder

With new additions to social media apps that can be monitored, you can view Snapchat and Tinder activity and record messages and photos even if they have been deleted.

The Snapchat screen recorder allows you to take screenshots every 5 seconds and gives you the ability to monitor even the most minute details.

The same goes for Tinder. You can screen record an entire conversation, view the deleted texts, and save multimedia files. You can also check the names of the people on the chat and see the date and time stamps.

4. Record the Surroundings

You can get crystal clear recordings through ambient sound recording, as it can remotely record the surroundings of your children or your employees without you having to use the phone. You can also view the date and time stamps of these recordings, now with improved audio quality.

5. Track Without Rooting

With the latest Xnspy APK 3.0, now you can also track WhatsApp chats without rooting your Android device.

6. Track Wi-Fi & Browser History

Previously, you could only view the browsing history, but now thanks to the recent improvements, you can also view the Wi-Fi logs and browser history in incognito mode.

Bug Fixes in Xnspy APK 3.0

In the previous releases, there were some issues identified in Xnspy, so the developers got to work to rid the app of any persistent bugs.

a. Better Screenshots Uploading Speed

Instant messenger screenshots that once took a while to load and still did not load fully have now been improved to load instantly.

b. Improved Screen Recording Time

Previously, the screen recording feature would pause after hitting the 5-minute mark. However, now the issue is resolved, and users can screen record and take screenshots at every 5-second interval.

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c. Coverage of Multiple Profiles

Android users can now have multiple user profiles on their devices. Each profile can contain its data and apps, so even if the user deletes the cookies, Xnspy can spy on their activities via various profiles.

d. Improved CPU Performance

Overall, the cell phone Android tracker app has been revised with new and improved bug fixes and features that can minimize system crashes and increase CPU performance.

e. Reduced Sync Time

Load time has significantly improved, and data that once could take time to sync to the dashboard no longer lags. Now it only takes 12-24 hours for the data to sync with the dashboard, as opposed to 36-48 hours.

f. Better Call Recording Quality

The popping sound heard during the call recording at the 1-minute mark is no longer prominent. That issue is fixed.

How Can I Get The Latest Xnspy APK 3.0?

Before you install Xnspy, you will need to download Xnspy’s APK file. You can download Xnspy APK here or by visiting its official website.

There are some prerequisites for an Android APK download.

  • You need physical access to the phone.
  • An internet connection is required to download and use the app.
  • During installation, you will have to switch off any firewall software on your phone.
  • In your Android phone settings, you will click on Allow Unknown Sources to allow the installation of third-party apps, in this case, Xnspy.

Here is a step-by-step guide to downloading Xnspy APK:

Step 1: Tap Submit after entering the Android download URL from your registration email.

Step 2: Tap to open the file once it has been downloaded to your smartphone. Use a file explorer tool like FX File Explorer to navigate to the file from your directory. You can download this from the Google Play store.

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Step 3: To continue with the installation, go to settings and click on “Allow from this source.”

Step 4: Tap on Install to have Xnspy downloaded to the Android device.

Step 5: Once Xnspy has been installed, click to run the software.

Step 6: Press Allow when “Stop optimizing battery usage” displays on the device screen.

Step 7: For all the Android Auto permissions, select Allow. For the Android device, tap on “Allow all the time.”

Step 8: Tap on Proceed to finish the setup and activate all Android Auto permissions. You only need to allow auto-permission once.

Step 9: You have completed the setup. You can start monitoring the device remotely whenever you want.

Overall, this new and improved version of Xnspy Android APK has fixed the bugs that could previously be problematic for some customers. Not that the app had fewer features, but now it has added a couple more advanced features whereby spying becomes less of a tedious task.

With Xnspy APK on your targeted Android or iOS phone, you have the authority to remotely control a device and send commands to lock the device, record all calls, record surrounding sounds, delete data and take screenshots. There is so much you can do at a fraction of the cost that others offer.

For someone who cannot spy on someone 24/7 or keep track of all their online and offline activities, Xnspy comes in handy. Furthermore, the app has a clean and easy-to-use interface. The dashboard displays all the things that can be monitored with ease, ranging from calls and texts to IMs and location. Everything on the device can be tracked since the data is easily accessible.

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