Best Ways the Aviation Industry is Going Carbon-neutral

Best Ways the Aviation Industry is Going Carbon-neutral
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The global air transportation industry is among the top industries contributing to the pollution of the environment. This is because of the emissions from aircrafts as they burn fuel. However, the industry is taking all possible measures to get a solution for it.

It cares about the conversation of the environment and has taken the initiative to go carbon-neutral in the near future. Many aviation companies are applying several strategies to achieve it although some are still in their infancy stage. So, let us take you through the best ways the aviation industry is going carbon-neutral.

1. Upgrading Fleets

Old model aircrafts are responsible for many carbon emissions that destroy the environment. Wondering why? This is because they burn more fuel and release more carbon gases that are dangerous to the environment. But the good news is that many aviation companies are upgrading their fleets to new models with improved fuel efficiency. In fact, the new generation fleets boost fuel efficiency up to 20%.

On top of that, they have less emissions due to the improved technology used in building their systems and some use other safer fuel alternatives to operate like batteries and hydrogen. So many aviation companies are buying new aeroplanes with the latest technology to save the environment.

2. Using More Sustainable Aviation Fuels

The normal aircraft fuel has a lot of carbon and when it burns, it pollutes the environment. However, better and safer forms of fuel are being introduced in the industry.

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As a matter of fact, sustainable aviation fuels are becoming more popular in the industry because they are highly recommended by CarbonClick and many air craft companies are adopting them. Undoubtedly, sustainable fuels offer up to 80% carbon reduction.

3. Introduction of Battery and Hydrogen Air Crafts

Battery and hydrogen air crafts are being introduced in the industry although they are still in the infancy stage. In fact, test flights are now being carried out on types of planes that run on batteries and hydrogen. This is quite promising and will enable the industry to go carbon-neutral in the near future.

Hydrogen can directly be used as fuel however, for air crafts designed specifically for it. The same applies to batteries, they can run the air craft. Guess what? Hydrogen can also be mixed with oxygen to create electricity that can power an electric aircraft. The hydrogen fuel cells react with oxygen to produce the electricity. They are promising solutions in the industry.

4. Operational Improvements

Several operational improvements are being put in place with the help of CarbonClick, one of which is fighting congestion at airports. High traffic at airports causes more fuel burn and authorities are trying to identify and fix all loop holes that cause it. This is not only beneficial to the environment but is a cost effective measure for aviation companies as it saves on fuel consumption.

On top of that, pilots are advised to fly the aeroplanes at the right altitude and speed, which promotes optimum fuel consumption. Remember, they are always designed to fly at a certain speed and altitude, which pilots usually don’t meet and lead to fuel burn.

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Several Measures are Put In Place

With the various technological advancements today that have enabled the production of sustainable fuels and designing of batteries and hydrogen powered aircrafts. The aviation industry will be able to achieve carbon-neutrality.

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