Top 5 Agile Tools for Highly Productive Dev Teams

Top 5 Agile Tools for Highly Productive Dev Teams
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The project management process is very lengthy and can’t be done without team collaboration. That’s why tools are made to improve the productivity of dev teams with the help of these tools. As part of the development team, there are several obstacles in a team’s way that keep affecting their performance, but it can be improved with some tools. A scrum master’s responsibility is to keep things smooth for the team.

If you’re a scrum master, we’ve compiled the top 5 agile tools for dev teams that can improve productivity.

Here are the top 5 tools for highly productive dev teams:

1. Jira:

Successful collaboration is the key to successful dev teams. Jira, by Atlassian, is one of the favorite tools, used by many dev teams globally to improve collaboration. Jira not only helps in planning but also helps resolve issues if used as ticket management. For an agile team that plans on running interactions, including Sprint planning, Jira is the right tool to depend on.

As a scrum master, you can use Jira to distribute tasks among software developers. In addition, teams use Jira for reporting issues and creating user stories about the project on the platform. You can also track these stories and tasks on Jira.

2. ClickUp:

Have you ever heard of Trello? It’s a sister software/tool of Jira and is designed by the same company, Atlassian. What Trello and Jira does, ClickUp claims to do it better in one place. Since there are already so many tools to worry about, dev teams can use ClickUp to limit the switching and use ClickUp as their rescue software. You can do project tracking, collaboration, planning, time tracking, note-taking, workflow customization, team management, and resource allocation on ClickUp. It increases workflow management, eliminates complementary software integrations, and also saves you time from excessive meetings.

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3. Slack:

Ask any team which platform they use for communication? Most of them will respond, Slack. It has become a usual way of communication in any organization. With the free version, you can have your teamwork on Slack without paying anything, but some features come paid. For example, you’ve to pay for calls or video chats and extra storage used by employees. Slack is by far the best tool for messaging and sharing information across agile development teams. You can also communicate with the whole team through channels. These can either be public channels, accessed by the whole organization, or private that limited people can get access to.

4. GetRetro:

This retro tool serves a greater purpose with retrospective templates that make the entire retrospective process limitless, simple, and productive. GetRetro is a free agile sprint retrospective application that can be downloaded and used indefinitely.

Product development teams will be able to design an unlimited number of retro boards to obtain some understanding of what worked, what didn’t, and what can be improved with the help of GoRetro. To ensure that work is completed efficiently and on time, assign specific action items to personnel and set due dates for them. Some key features of GetRetro include building boards with unlimited participants, sorting and filtering, commenting, voting, action items, board privacy, modification, viewing options, sharing, PDF, CSV exports, and more. If you’re looking for a retro tool, GetRetro is the best one out there.

5. GitHub:

Integration tools are essential for a development team. Agile dev teams use integration tools like GitHub. Source code is the core of any company’s project. GitHub offers devs to host their code and keep track of the changes. It’s one of the best collaboration tools for dev teams across the globe. With GitHub, dev teams can collaborate with peace of mind instead of going crazy over classic ways of code collaborations. Integral features of GitHub include bugs and issues tracking, graphical representation of branches, git repository hosting, team & project management, code hosting, assigning tasks, and tracking changes in code.

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These were the top 5 agile tools for highly productive development teams. Where these are not the only ones out there, but these seem to be used most among agile development teams. These tools improve their productivity as well as make their lives easy. If you know of any tool, let us know in the comments.

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