La Liga betting

La Liga betting
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There are 20 clubs in this Spanish tournament. The 3 teams that have taken the last places in the tournament ladder are eliminated in the next division in terms of level – the Segundo. But the 3 clubs that took the first lines can play in La Liga betting. In the history of the tournament, only 9 teams have become winners. The leaders of the league are Real Madrid, which has won 35 times, and Barcelona, ​​which has won the cup 26 times.

The game itself consists of a set of points called runs (from the English run). A player (bowler) of one of the teams delivers to the batsman of the opposite team. The batsman hits the ball so that it flies as far as possible, at this moment the batsman makes a run on the field and if certain rules are followed, his team earns a point (run). At the same time, if the players of the serving team catch the ball before it falls to the ground or break the wicket, the batsman is out of the game. The draw of the ball takes place until all 10 batsmen are removed from the game, after which the teams change roles.

All statistics

On this site, all fans of the Spanish La Liga will be able to find all the necessary statistical information for a competent analysis of matches and successful bets. On this portal, information regarding the Primera División is presented in sufficient detail.

Everyone can get acquainted with the detailed statistics of teams and individual players, with data regarding personal meetings and referees. The site also provides live broadcasts of matches, a calendar of games and other convenient options.

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You can easily find out who has the most wins, which scorers are the top scorers, the results of promotion or relegation matches, or the difference in points.

In addition, users of this site can also get acquainted with information about the meetings of past La Liga seasons, information about the winners of the championship and the rating of teams by the number of cups won.


In order to find out the results of the matches, you just need to click on the match of interest. All the necessary information will be presented there: score, goals scored, substitutions on the field, cards and other information. Also, with the help of the Primera División calendar, you can get acquainted with all the lishi tournaments over the past few years. To select a season, use the drop-down list and navigation keys. It is also fashionable to get acquainted with the scheduled matches for the current season.

In the tournament grid, you can find all the necessary information about the leaders or outsiders, as well as find out how many points any club of the League of interest currently has. Here you can find detailed statistics of personal meetings, the percentage of possession of the ball, information about injured players and other indicators. Important: the painting is presented in the same volume for both top clubs and newcomers to La Liga.

The site also has separate sections that collect statistics and home and away games of each team in La Liga. The position in the tournament ladder depends on each match played. Therefore, the information on the site is updated in real time.

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Who is the leader of the tournament bracket, and who will have to leave for the Segundo? In the La Liga news feed you can find any information regarding the state of affairs of the tournament. Users who want to keep up to date with the latest news from teams and individual players should definitely check out this section.

The news feed provides information on upcoming interesting matches, La Liga transfers, video reports and comments from coaches or club presidents.

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