Softwares that Help in The Cultivation of Cannabis Seeds

Softwares that Help in The Cultivation of Cannabis Seeds
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If you are interested in buying skunk cannabis seeds online and want to cultivate them, you should look for software that will help you grow your crops efficiently. Several programs are available today, including Elevated Signals, TraceWeed, and GrowerIQ. You can also check out GrowerIQ and TraceWeed to learn more about their capabilities. These programs can assist you in the cultivation of cannabis seeds and make your job easier.


The use of a “seed to sale” software will ensure that your business is compliant with the law and meets the requirements of state inspectors. This software helps you keep track of the progress of your plants, track trash and moisture loss, and improve time and labor tracking. Additionally, the software allows you to keep notes on strains and other important details, including the exact weight of each individual plant. If you are growing cannabis as a commercial enterprise, this software will help you maintain accurate records of the growth and sale of your cannabis seeds.

TraceWeed software allows cultivators to monitor every step in the production process, from seed to sale. The software is an enterprise-grade production management system that helps cannabis companies maintain legality in their operations. Its powerful software integrates with any State Compliance System and provides true Seed-to-Sale traceability. It is also used by Ron Strickland, a California-based cannabis businessman.


For growing marijuana, Canix is a software that can help you monitor and manage the entire cultivation process without the worry of cannabis magnesium deficiency, from seed to sale. It helps you track everything from seeds to finished products and even offers several harvesting tools that will maximize your harvesting process. Harvesting and sale data can be entered easily with Canix’s mobile app, ensuring accuracy and preventing double-harvesting of the same strain. Its integrations with other software can save you hours of data entry. One of the integrations is with WayFast scales, which can capture wet weights in as little as five seconds per plant.

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Canix has sweet reporting and decent mobile features, which is a must for larger operations. It stores submissions and uploads them even if metrc is down. Its openness to different coding makes it a good resource. Canix also offers a demo. The software is easy to use and is affordable. However, it can be pricey, so you should do your own research before you purchase.

Elevated Signals

The company’s mission is to help growers make smarter decisions and grow more marijuana with Elevated Signals software. The company’s mission is to help growers make smart decisions with their seeds. It focuses on precision agriculture with growing weed inside without lights integration and has integrated with seed to sale software. In 2017, it raised $3.6 million from investors including Creative Destruction Lab. It plans to triple its recurring revenue by 2021. The company will focus on the Canadian market at first, but it may be able to boost its mid-year target by targeting the U.S. market as well.

The company plans to align its technology roadmap with that of its Canadian competitors. Its technology has been designed for regulatory compliance in Canada, and it is applying the same approach in the U.S. market. It also plans to add new products based on data analytics gathered in the Canadian market. After all, Akerna has bought 15 cannabis tech startups, including Elevated Signals.


Cannabis seed cultivation is a challenging business with complex rules. It requires proper nutrients, watering cycles, lighting, and pesticides. Seed-to-sale software makes this task much easier, by tracking all of these variables. GrowerIQ provides a comprehensive dashboard of data, which makes it easy to track each aspect of the cultivation process. With GrowerIQ, growers can log results for pesticide use, nutrients, and watering cycles.

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The seed-to-sale software allows growers to compare batches based on metrics such as yield, cannabinoid content, and more. For example, two batches of Baba Kush may yield different amounts of flower, and each batch could have different levels of these factors. The software also allows growers to run reports and determine whether or not irrigation frequency or other environmental conditions may have influenced the results.


Viridian Sciences’ cultivating software helps farmers manage the entire process of growing cannabis. It incorporates the latest technological innovations to enhance the productivity of cannabis growers and track vital information regarding plants. The software also integrates with the use of barcode scanners, digital scales, and label printers. With these features, cultivating cannabis has never been easier. With the help of these softwares, growers can keep track of inventory and manage their yields with greater precision.

The company offers an enterprise solution for the cannabis industry. This software is designed to help licensed cannabis operators remain compliant into 2020. It helps cannabis producers identify key data points from harvest to sale. By optimizing processes at every stage of the cultivation process, it increases production and reduces costs. Users can also ensure the quality of products produced. The software can be customized to fit the needs of growers and their businesses.

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