How to Write a College English Essay? the Best Software for Academic Writing

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Imagine: the plan of the future work has already matured in the head, the heroes are chosen, and the scene is determined. There is nothing left – you only need to write it down. Open any text editor and start work …

For a short story, this format is quite suitable. However, if the horizon is a story, a novel, or – coursework- an epic in four volumes, it is worth paying attention to serious programs created specifically for writers. If you struggle with essay writing, you can pay for an essay online. This way, you get the work done without any effort.

Few writers use romantic classics today – a printing machine. But programs, more reminiscent of complex computer games with schemes, sections, and photos, are becoming more and more popular.

All services can be divided into two large categories – helping in organizing the text and working with its style. In our review, we settled on the most famous programs.


Writeitnow is one of the most famous, smart, and perfect programs for writers. Judging by the review of the functions presented on her site, she can do almost everything, except that the novel itself does not write for you. This is the only program that can edit and structure.

The main page of the program. Section “Heroes”

The program is a “writer’s desktop.” On the left – is a menu from chapters, scenes, episodes, tabs with information about heroes, and events, and a place for copyright notes. The purpose of this “designer of the future masterpiece” is simple – to allow the author to track all storylines, the names of heroes, and locations. Among the copyright, tools are Storyboard (a board of history), which displays the entire chronology of events in chapters and scenes, an overview of the plot lines, a mechanism for creating heroes, and a set of universal ideas. The last two tools are designed to help the author during periods of creative crisis: to create an accidental hero, to choose a name characteristic of the chosen era and place, and to propose further development of the plot. For each hero, the program creates a “dossier” in which you can prescribe his habits, connections with other heroes, and other important details.

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From the tools responsible for vocabulary and style – “Readability” (readableness, accessibility of the text), cliche search, and thesis, which will find the meaning of an unknown word.

Section “Clish Search”

In Creative Writing textbooks, tips are constantly found to write for 10-15 minutes a day. With Writeitnow, this is simple – the process of work is constantly accompanied by counters of time and the number of words. Goals (“Today I have to write 500 words!”) You can set them yourself.

The basic contents of the program can be supplemented – download new descriptions of heroes and tips for writers. Among the services of the service are tips on how to start, continue and finish the text.

The main idea of ​​the program is to write a novel is difficult, but no more difficult than collecting a designer. The author’s task is to keep the plan in my head, and not the features of the face of a secondary hero in the sixth chapter. A computer service may well take care of the latter. He will not create a description of appearance but will remind the necessary details.

Among similar services, we can note Writeway, but there are no fundamental differences from Writeitnow in it, so we will not dwell on it in detail. Whiteway allows you to create bases of heroes and locations and offers templates. This program is often compared with Writeitnow and is called the next-generation service.

Usage terms: The writer’s now demo version can be used for free, the full version of the program costs $ 59.95.


Scrivener. The logic of the program is the same – an empty field for the author’s creativity, which is gradually filled with parts, chapters, and scenes.

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Here versions for Mac OS or Windows are available. The English interface, located on the left:

Characters will become characters, and chapters – chapters. Another pleasant feature – when working on the MAC, the program can be synchronized with the iPhone and iPad to finally forget about notebooks and pens.


Depending on what text and for what purpose you want to create, you can first choose a template – artistic prose, abstract, script. Scrivener is a working field for all occasions. Here you can also create “profiles” of heroes and places in which events take place. These descriptions will help when working on the main text, and will not forget important details.

Three things that your characters should not do

Most often, in books on creative writing, they write that the characters of good work should make to impress the reader and remember them. However, the authors of the English -language site for Writerswrite writers decided to warn novice writers about the most common mistakes when creating heroes of stories.

“Drama is a life from which boring excerpts were thrown away,” said Alfred Hitchcock. Sometimes what we read is annoying. The reason for this may be one of the common copyright errors. For example, when you are introduced to 20 unnecessary characters after the first chapter. Or when the author spends three pages on the description of the cake. Or forces you to read along with and boring background.

There are also small author errors. Their causes can be the lack of a goal in history, a weak plot, and the wrong choice of characters. They can be associated simply with the poor writer’s skills when the writer considers his characters as real people.

Here are three problems with the characters, because of which I want to quit reading a new book.

1. Too many small dialogs

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Although we advise writers to include more dialogs in the books, saturation with “small talks” for no reason is a bad idea.

If your character is going to chat about the weather or someone’s health, there can be only one of three reasons for this.

The dialogue moves the plot. The reader needs to find out how the hero feels if his condition affects the denouement of the scene through the scale of the whole story.

The dialogue reveals something significant about the character. A hero who is not going on a journey in bad weather should somehow justify it.

The dialogue reveals something important in the environment. Heroes can talk about the weather, time, and place when something changes in the situation.

2. Action without a goal

If you need a meaningless action, it is better to look at a tv show. A good writer loads the character with those actions that necessarily affect the development of the plot. Of course, the life of your characters is filled with minor unimportant moments, but we do not have to read about each of them.

This is what Nancy Kress says about this, author of the book “Dynamic characters” (Nancy Kress, Dynamic Characters):

“The mistake that I meet most often begins where the author gives a certificate of his character, his background. It is much better to immediately bring the characters onto the stage as soon as possible ” –

3. Constantly distracted

If your character has a certain goal in history, you should not face this mistake. Readers want to see heroes who act and react and not those that are constantly distracted. For example, characters who are constantly distracted by their phones work better in films, not in books. You can include “abstract” behavior with the help of body language or habits, but this should not interfere with the course of history. The best writing services can be used for extra support. Sometimes a simple advice is more precious than thousands of tutorials.

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