An Introduction to CCNA Certification Exam

CCNA Certification Exam
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The new version of the CCNA certification exam look here is numbered 200-301 and lasts for 170 minutes. The total score is 1,000 points, and you can pass the exam as long as you score more than 825 points. The exam questions are mainly multiple-choice questions and drawing questions.

At present, the exam includes 102 questions. In addition to about 10 drag chart questions, the rest are multiple-choice questions. The new version of the CCNA certification exam has no experimental questions, which is also welfare for candidates with weak network foundations.

Students who take the exam for the first time should pay attention to the following matters.

Notes Before the Exam:

  1. At the beginning of the exam, there is a pre-exam questionnaire, which is to ask you how long you have been preparing for the exam, what teaching materials you have read, how you know the Cisco certification system, whether you learn by self-study or taking part in CCNA certification training, how far your home is from the test site, your education background, etc. These questions can be answered normally. Remember that there are two things you must pay attention to. First, for the question of whether you have been 18 years old, you must choose yes. Second, for the question, if you agree with the Cisco agreement, you must choose “agree”. If there is anything else that you don’t understand, ask the examiner. The examiner of the Microsoft Cisco certification exam will answer your questions in detail.
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After completing the questionnaire, there is an end option in the lower right corner of the page. Click the end option.

  1. Before the exam, there is an animated demonstration of how to answer exam questions, which is intended to guide candidates on how to operate. You can choose to watch it or not. You can also use this period of time to adjust your mood. In this case, some candidates who are nervous about the exam can slightly relieve the tense mood.

Candidates click “start” to start the exam. Then the exam officially begins, and everyone can concentrate on the questions.

  1. In the exam of CCNA certification, as long as you finish one question and click the “next” button, the previous questions cannot be modified. Therefore, when you click the “next” button, you must pay attention to it. Especially when there is a jam, don’t click continuously and quickly. It’s easy to skip several unfinished questions continuously and therefore affect the exam results.
  2. Single choice questions in the exam are marked by circle prompts and multiple-choice questions box prompts. You must pay attention to the differences.
  3. In case of a crash or other accidents during the exam, raise your hand directly to the examiner, who will deal with the problems in time. Don’t panic or make a noise. Generally, after the computer is restarted, the previously completed exam questions will be recorded.
  4. After all the questions are finished, choose END EXAM. After the exam, the results will be given on the spot, and you will know the exam results immediately. SPOTO wishes everyone can pass the exam smoothly! The examiner will give you the printed transcript. Keep your transcripts as well as possible, because it will be critically important especially when you forget your Cisco account password!
  5. Post exam registration. You need to register on Cisco Certification Tracking System within 3-7 working days after the exam. You can choose a paper certificate or an electronic certificate for the first time. If you need to pay a certain fee for either form of certificate and you don’t make the choice within 7 working days, the system will automatically default to the paper certificate. The paper certificate is mailed from the United States by ordinary mail. If there is only an address without a telephone number, the mail will be easy to get lost. So it is recommended that you directly choose the electronic certificate. Both forms of the CCNA certificate are recognized.
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Identity Certificates for Taking the Ccna Certification Exam:

The most preferred document: the second-generation ID card within the validity period, with photos.

Other identity certificates:

1 credit card (with name on the front and autograph on the back)

2 new medical insurance cards with photos

3 passport

4 driver’s license

5 Student ID cards (with official seal)

6 Work permit (with name, signature in the signature column, steel seal, and position)

7 Hong Kong and Macao pass

8 Military officer certificates in the army.

Note: All certificates must be within the validity period.

Candidates must carry two kinds of valid certificates on the day of the exam: the original and copy of the main certificate and auxiliary certificate (each exam requires a copy of relevant certificates). All certificates must be within the validity period. If you are not sure whether the certificate materials are valid, you must contact the exam center 2 working days in advance.

How to Sign up For the Ccna Certification Exam?

  1. First of all, determine your own needs. Determine which certificate to obtain? CCNA, CCNP, or CCIE certificate?
  2. To make an appointment for the exam, you can consult the official website of SPOTO for relevant information.

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