9 Common Misunderstandings Regarding Instagram

9 Common Misunderstandings Regarding Instagram
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As an Instagram user, it can be challenging to determine what strategies are effective for attracting followers and expanding your account. There are several myths about Instagram algorithms, who you should follow, and what type of material to publish, but the truth is that these erroneous beliefs can actually impede your success on the social media network. We’ve compiled some of the most widespread misconceptions about Instagram in this blog post to help you make sense of any confusion you may have about using this popular app, from thinking that likes result in more followers to understanding hashtag rules, along with practical advice for dispelling them! Continue reading as we discuss important advice that everyone should know before publishing on Instagram.

  • You Can’t Post Links in Your Posts

Completely untrue. This is an untrue misconception about Instagram that is rather prevalent. Links can be posted in posts, but you must always accompany a legitimate picture or video while doing so. A URL shortener service should be used for aesthetic reasons as well. To visit the website or material you wish to share with your followers, click the link, which will display as a straightforward URL. Moreover, the one thing you must avoid is adding too many links in a single post, since this may be construed as spam and may lead to Instagram flagging your account for a breach of the platform’s terms of service.

  • You Have to Follow People to Get More Followers

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True, but. It used to be required to follow individuals in order to gain more followers on Instagram, but this is no longer the case with the most recent iterations of the algorithm. If you want more followers, you don’t have to manually follow users—you can still participate in trend following by keeping tabs on who other influencers are following. Focus on producing interesting material that will draw viewers naturally. Oftentimes, people who are looking for information that relates to their interests will come across your profile. Furthermore, when you buy instagram autolikes, you can increase the chances of your content being featured on Instagram’s Explore tab.

  • Posting Multiple Times a Day Will Help You Grow Faster
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This is untrue as well, and it could even hinder your development. Posting too frequently might be seen as spam and can give the impression that you are clamoring for attention, which will probably turn off potential followers. Instead of just filling up the timeline, concentrate on producing relevant material that connects with your target audience. The meaningful writings will be more appreciated by your fans than several updates in one day. Also, the Instagram algorithm considers frequency; therefore, if you release too many posts, you can really notice that your posts are being moved down in the timeline.

  • Hashtags Need To Be As Specific As Possible

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False. While specificity can undoubtedly aid with hashtag optimization, it is not required. If they suit the image and the material you’re providing, including tags like “Instagram,” “photooftheday,” or “love” is fine. Just keep in mind that if you use too many of these popular tags, your content may come out as spammy and unprofessional. Mix hashtags that are more general with those that are more specialized for the audience of your account. You can even come up with your own that are nonetheless relevant to the subject if you don’t have enough specifically related ones.

  • Your Followers Are the Most Important Factor

False. While having a sizable following might help you reach more people at once, it isn’t the only aspect to consider when trying to expand your account. Your focus should be on engaging people who share your interests or values rather than just obtaining as many followers as you can; quality above number should be your objective. Spend some time interacting with other accounts and, if their posts hold your attention, commenting on them. This will assist to improve engagement, which will eventually lead to an increase in followers organically.

  • You Should Follow Everyone Who Follows You
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Definitely not! While it is true that following your followers back fosters relationships with them and expresses gratitude for their interest in your account, you are not required to do so if their material is unrelated to yours. Avoid returning the favor by following someone who follows you if they don’t suit the concept of your account because doing so will help you gain more real followers rather than spam accounts.

  • You Need to Follow a Lot of People to Get Noticed


It’s a frequent fallacy that your chances of obtaining followers increase as you follow more people. In reality, since Instagram took measures to limit “follow-back” practices in their algorithms, this tactic is out of date and won’t work anymore. For the greatest outcomes, put your attention on creating high-quality material that connects with your target audience and interact with accounts that are similar to yours. Engaging with your followers and leaving comments on their posts can frequently be enough to pique their interest in what you have to offer.

  • Your Posts Need to Be Perfect

Success on Instagram does not depend on posting flawless photos, and it also does not guarantee greater interaction or followers. In fact, because they convey a feeling of authenticity and relatability that aids in establishing trust with their audience, many users favor candid photographs and flawed photos. Concentrate on producing material that appeals to your target market and experiment with various post kinds to see which ones perform the best for your particular account.

  • You Can’t Use Any Filters
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It’s crucial to remember that while Instagram’s filters are intended to improve and enrich your images, you are not required to apply any of them. Try out several filters or decide not to use them; many seasoned photographers prefer the unaltered version of their images. Filters may be a fun way to customize your material in the contemporary era of social media and set it apart.


To sum up, with a little study and the correct knowledge, the aforementioned frequent misconceptions about Instagram may be easily avoided. Success on Instagram will depend on your knowledge of how the site functions, the sorts of material that appeal to your target audience, and your willingness to experiment with different post types. Understanding the reality behind these misconceptions will make it easier for you to use this well-known software and quickly earn more followers.

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