How to Edit Photos for Your Company Website

How to Edit Photos for Your Company Website
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Did you know that 20% of small businesses don’t make it to the second year? That’s why it’s so critical to go above and beyond in establishing a recognizable and professional website and brand. And one way to do that is by posting only the best photos.

If you’re responsible for uploading images to the company website, stick around. We’ll show you how to edit photos properly!

Use Automatic Corrections

You don’t need to be a photo editing wiz to make effective adjustments. When you edit photos, start by going with the available automatic adjustments. Your editing software will adjust contrast, color, and tone to make a good photo into a great one.

If you have a little more time, familiarize yourself with more advanced editing options. Find the cropping icon and use it to crop out excess background space. This is a great way to focus more attention on the product or details of a photo.

Learn how to apply a filter or make spot adjustments to saturation or hue. And toggle the exposure and value range to get the perfect level of contrast.

Let Your Brand Guide Your Edits

When it comes to editing tips, a big one is to use your brand as your aesthetic guide. If you’re a company that sells snowboarding gear, for instance, you’ll want images that pack a punch. Sharp contrasts and bold colors will appeal to your target demographic more than subtle and muted images.

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And even images that start out as subtle can be leveled up to meet your aesthetic needs. Remove background from an image that seems too low in contrast. Replace the background content with a flat cobalt blue to jazz up the style.

Choose the Right Photo Type

When you take photos, be aware of the file size. And be aware of the file type. Since images chew up a lot of space, they can slow down the load time on your website.

If you’re using images with a wide range of colors, save them as JPGs. For images with fewer colors, you save them as PNGs and get a crisp image. Just know that the file size might be bigger, especially if you end up applying sophisticated edits.

That’s why optimizing your photos should be part of the editing process. You may only need images that span 1200 pixels on one side. Make a point of not uploading images that are three times that size!

And remember that nearly half the country lacks high connectivity with their internet. In other words, it may take longer for sites to load for some internet users.

In response, use software that can compress photos without diluting the quality. This is essential if you’re featuring product photos where details matter.

Add Professional Photos to Your Company Website

When you add the best photos to your company website, you’ll stand out from the crowd. Use your brand voice to help inform the types of edits you make. And turn to simple adjustments and photo optimization to arrive at crisp images.

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Find more tips to create a polished business website. Check back soon for new articles!

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