10 Undeniable Reasons to Love One-On-One Messaging

10 Undeniable Reasons to Love One-On-One Messaging
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Employees today understand the importance of quick, efficient, and productive communication within the organization. However, due to a lack of technical resources, they lack such tools for quick and effective communication. Communication has become more effective than ever before, thanks to technological advancements in every aspect of the business. Internal and external communications for organizations have become more efficient and productive as a result of Instant Messaging applications.  

These platforms arose because social messaging platforms had limitations and were not secure for workplace communication. It is not just about communication speed; Instant messaging applications have a lot to offer. Let us take a look at some of the other advantages of using instant messaging. Instant messaging platforms are not only proven to be useful adjuncts to traditional modes of communication but are also capable of replacing some forms of communication. The benefit of instant messaging is that it is nearly as fast as phone conversations and has the record-keeping capability of email messaging. 

Why use instant messaging for business? 

If you still believe that direct instant messaging is a time-wasting distraction best reserved for social media addicts, think again. The five reasons listed below demonstrate why your company should use instant messaging. 

1. It is a universal skill 

 If you have a smartphone, you are probably used to instant messaging. After all, it is a mode of communication that evolved from humble text messages. Because almost everyone has sent a text message, their ability to begin using instant messaging effectively will be as natural as they come. This means less training and increased productivity. 

2. It is cost-effective 

Perhaps the most significant advantage of instant messaging for business is its low cost. In some businesses, services like Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Clariti can almost entirely replace traditional forms of communication, and in terms of customer service, online chat may eliminate the need for an expensive phone system to handle multiple incoming calls. 

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3. It is secure 

As employees are using instant messaging for a variety of purposes, including file transfer, hackers now have a whole new avenue for breaching security. Multiple vulnerabilities have been discovered, with more on the way, allowing hackers to easily gain remote access to your PC or mobile device. But today’s instant messaging tools are highly secure with end-to-end encryption allowing employees to share information in a safe way. 

4. It encourages efficient communication 

SMS and texts have taught us all to say more with less, and the nature of instant messaging encourages short, concise messages. Nobody wants to sift through long emails or make unnecessary phone calls, and instant messaging can be just the thing to alleviate communication fatigue. 

5. It is mobile 

Any good instant messaging client will have desktop and mobile apps, as well as the ability to synchronize messages across all devices. This can be a lifesaver for businesses when important status updates or requests must be issued quickly and to all employees, regardless of location. 

Benefits of an instant messaging application

1. Connection with off-location peers 

Communication becomes an essential part of our jobs in scenarios such as working from remote locations due to the pandemic. In these cases, instant messaging apps have become the sole means of communicating at work. 

Executives working from remote locations find instant messaging to be a lifesaver when it comes to workload distribution and submission. Instant messaging features are specifically designed for this purpose. 

2. Group communication 

Communication is essential when working on a large project, whether it is sharing information or determining the project phase. Instant messaging enables multiple users to virtually create and share information in a group setting. With every bit of information shared on it, this instant messaging feature provides a team with the glue to stick to the project. These platforms were created with the goal of facilitating strong team connections through communication. 

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3. Easily integrates other forms of communication 

It becomes difficult if an app is not designed to be integrated with other important software. Sharing data becomes difficult if a communication platform does not allow access to other platforms. 

Most instant messaging apps can integrate with other forms of communication to allow data sharing. This feature eliminates a significant problem for employees who previously had to convert data files for sharing purposes. 

4. Saves overhead cost 

Communication must not only be useful but also reasonably priced. Earlier modes of communication were expensive and difficult to maintain. Instant messaging apps are both inexpensive and simple to use while working. They save money on communication costs. 

5. Promotes Employee Engagement 

Ineffective communication causes a loss of energy in the workplace, which is usually caused by a lack of engagement among employees. Instant messaging apps, which are extremely fast, are also keeping up with the times. It is not just that instant messaging platforms are used exclusively for work. They also have features that are similar to those found on popular social media platforms. 

This aspect encourages participation among employees. An employee can freely express their point of view. 

6. Improvement in productivity due to speed 

Productivity is determined by workload distribution and submission time. The instant messaging app enables the rapid transmission of such workloads between senior and junior executives. This increase in workload-sharing speed leads to increased organizational productivity. 

The integration of one application with another may affect the TAT (turn-around-time), but the top instant messaging apps like Clariti are not affected by these issues. 

7. It is full of features 

Previous forms of communication lacked features that prevented effective communication within organizations. A video chat room, task management, alert mode, and other features are included in instant messaging. Some of the primary reasons people use instant messaging platforms extensively are video conferencing and task management. 

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During the pandemic, these features were extremely useful for work-related communications. All features are updated on a regular basis to improve efficiency and speed. 

8. More Efficient at Record Keeping 

Keeping track of the information shared while communicating is important so that you do not have to search for previously shared data. Instant messaging apps are very effective at recording employee communication. Employees can rely on these platforms because they have secure data storage features and can assist them in searching for data based on when it was shared. 

9. Increased Transparency 

Transparency is very useful in establishing trust among members of a team; therefore, any form of communication must be transparent. The top instant messaging platforms like Clariti have clear policies regarding platform usage. Platforms for instant messaging are not only fast; they also provide transparency between two parties. 

10. Enhanced Security 

When data is shared within an organization, security is a top priority, and instant messaging apps keep the data secure while communicating. The instant messaging app encrypts messages to ensure their security. These messages are encrypted from beginning to end. This instant messaging app security feature protects against data loss. 


You now have every reason to begin using instant messaging to communicate effectively. Still not convinced that your company requires instant messaging? With free and easy sign-up, you cannot go wrong by giving Clariti a shot. Begin by experimenting with the internal IM feature of Clariti with one or two teams or colleagues. 

Clariti supports content-rich subject chat, which makes your conversation easy to understand. It provides encryption for voice calls, messages, and file shares. Several premium features can be obtained for a small annual subscription. No matter where you are in the company, you will be able to connect and collaborate with anyone in Clariti. This makes Clariti easier to use and more secure than other collaboration software. Go ahead and use Clariti for the best experience!

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