5 Ways Technology Has Empowered Small Businesses 

5 Ways Technology Has Empowered Small Businesses 
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There’s no denying that technology has made our lives for the better. It has created multiple opportunities for businesses to grow. Tech tools are continuing to disrupt traditional business practices. Compare the television business model of yesteryears with the television industry of the current era. You will see a noticeable difference. Why? Because streaming services and cable services powered by Spectrum TV Select have changed the game.

Using the right technology can make a difference. No matter whether you’re a freelancer or a small business, you need tech tools to make the most out of work. Technology has the power to turn ideas into reality. Artificial intelligence was just a concept. Now, it is has become an industry in itself – all thanks to technological advancements. That said, here’s how technology is helping small businesses grow and succeed:

1. Improved Communication

Technology has disrupted traditional communication practices. Communication tools like WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, etc. have redefined connectivity and networking. Businesses no longer have to pay high costs for communication infrastructure. Nowadays, almost all business dealings take place on calls or via emails. What’s more, broadband companies offer bundles (internet, phone, and cable) so that you don’t need to pay extra for individual services.

You can leverage mobile applications to communicate with your clients effectively. One way is to create a business account on WhatsApp. This will allow you to establish a formal correspondence channel with your clients. Also, make sure to get high-speed internet for your small business. Many internet service providers (ISPs) offer excellent packages for small businesses. Check out different ISPs on the internet and select the right one for your business.

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2. Increased Productivity

For small businesses, staying organized and maintaining productivity can be difficult. You’re already hoarded with a lot of tasks. Sometimes, you get lost in the shuffle. After all, running a business is no child’s play. The good news is that you can improve productivity while staying organized with productivity apps. That means you no longer have to hire experts to stay productive.

Productivity apps such as Asana, Trello, and Slack are excellent work management tools. Most of these apps are free and if they have a price, it is usually very little. Mastering these apps is no rocket science and you can do that just by studying their functionalities on the internet. These apps let you sync your Gmail and other work-related accounts in addition to performing other functions.

3. Multiple Payment Options

The pandemic has accelerated the growth of digital payment solutions. The world is starting to switch from paper and plastic currencies to e-wallets. Digital payment solutions offer multiple benefits. They are clean, convenient, and hygienic. Moreover, they can integrate into different accounting programs. This allows small businesses to manage their transactions efficiently.

Providing a web-based mode of payment is no longer a choice. You must leverage technology to stay competitive. Flexible payment options allow businesses to bring in new customers. Suppose you operate out of Los Angeles while some of your clients reside in Canada. If you aren’t flexible with your payment mediums, you might lose them.

4. Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is the go-to for businesses looking to expand their reach. It offers dynamic marketing tools to small businesses and large enterprises alike. Social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram come with dedicated business marketing tools. You can leverage these tools to promote your services effectively.

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Perhaps the best thing about social media marketing is that you don’t have to wait for a campaign to be over to review campaign results. It’s similar to a trial-and-error method. You can promote a single product to see your target audience’s response to it. Digital marketing tools come with analytics that can provide great insights into your consumer’s buying habits.

5. Remote Work

Technology has virtually eliminated the need for people to set up physical outlets. The pandemic has introduced us to a new normal: work from home. Many small businesses are operating out of homes. You can be a home-based chef and take online orders from customers. If you’re a personal trainer, you can take virtual sessions. The options are endless.

The key is to adopt tech tools to take your business to new heights. The pandemic has been terrible but it has also introduced us to a whole new world of possibilities. Don’t stop now. Master different tech tools and you’ll be amazed by the results you see.

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