What Programming Language is Used for Android Games?

What Programming Language is Used for Android Games
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The latest research showed that people spend around three hours a day playing games on smartphones. It means that the creation of games is a very profitable business. No wonder that students from different corners of the globe try to master various programming languages and create compelling gaming products.

According to Business for Apps, there are over 2.5 billion Android owners in the world. This smartphone does not require as much permission as the iPhone. Besides, one can find more free apps in the Play Market than in the Apple Store. To create a game on Android, one needs to master the coding languages that it accepts. In other words, the system must recognize codes to activate the game.

CWAassignments.com, a reputable STEM service, introduces the top best programming languages for Androids. They will help you do your academic homework or get acquainted with five advanced tools for independent learning.

Java: Pros and Cons

Some time ago this coding language was official for the Android app development. No surprise that it is one of the most popular and utilized codes. Another advantage of this language is that Google supports it without any problems, and 80% of the Play Market products are based on it. Students who have difficulties in performing a Java assignment can turn to the official community and receive top-level assistance from the best experts.

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The biggest disadvantage of Java is its complexity. Freshmen usually cannot cope with Java projects without helpers because of null pointer exceptions, constructors, and SDK. So, professionals recommend starting with something simpler and going back to using Java later.

Python: Advantages and Disadvantages

This language is one of the simplest. Its code resembles English syntax, so it is easy to read and understand even for beginners. Unlike Java, this coding language is not typical for Androids. A person should use various converters and tools to adjust the created game to the OS. One of such tools is a cross-platform Kivy that lets its users create games easily and quickly.

  • and – of Kotlin

If one is searching for an official game development language, Kotlin is what a student needs. It has replaced Java because it is simpler. Google declared it two years ago, so most students and specialists utilize it as the main game coding language for Androids. The biggest advantage of Kotlin is that its code perfectly runs on all hardware and software. Even if a person creates a game for Android, it will function on Windows, iOS, and all browsers.

First, it is hard to spot the difference between the two official Android languages. Then, a person sees that Kotlin has simplified coding by removing semicolons at the end of each line and null pointer exceptions.

Pros and Cons of Sharp C

This is another perfect variant for Androids. It prevents memory leaks because it gathers garbage files as well. Another pro of this coding is its syntax. It is simpler than the original native Android language. That is why students often prefer C# to Java.

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Previously, nobody utilized this coding for Androids because it ran only on Windows. Later, this problem was fixed, so today it belongs to commonly used programming languages for Android because it allows writing native apps for such smartphones.

C Plus Plus and Minuses Too

Another trendy programming language for Androids is C++. Users use Android NDK to apply the code. One cannot create an app using only this language, so NDK is a must here. Due to that, a person involves C Plus Plus libraries that complicates the creation process. Users regard it as not very flexible due to the required setups. Beginners often get many bugs because of such difficulties. In this case, Java is a better variant.

How to Select the Best Coding Language

What language will fit my college project? CWAssignments read such inquiries daily. Experts of the company decided to provide tips for beginners.


If a student needs to create a project quickly, Python will not fit the purpose. It is better to prefer languages that allow faster game creation. At the same time, one should consider debugging that quick programs usually require.


Some codes work slowly, while others are fast. If people are bound to paid platforms, it will be necessary to consider expenses related to slow-working programs. As a rule, platforms accept payment per hour, so performance speed is essential.


Many game providers work only with one programming language. They search for specialists who can cope with the task. If a student selects a rare language, the acquired skills might be unique and not demanded at the same time (or vice versa). Besides, employers often need to expand the team due to the fast-paced gaming industry. So, one should deal with the most required coding languages to fit.

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Beginners should not select a language that is too complex. They risk failing their projects. One can use many apps and educational platforms that show how to use different languages. Besides, they give sample tasks for one to test one’s knowledge and creating abilities. If a person finds some coding too complicated, it will be better to select another one. Advanced programmers should select the code that provides more options to create a stunning gaming product.


If a student keeps using the same language for all projects, he or she risks getting stuck. College professors will not regard such personalities as promising. So, one should better change language from time to time. Moreover, changes lead to knowledge acquisition. Subject awareness results in better career opportunities.

For example, Python is the leader among coding languages according to world statistics. That is why one should not stick only to Java or C++. A good game provider tries to be flexible and create using the most demanded programming languages.

Except for the five above-presented programming languages used to write most Android apps and games, one can also use JavaScript, CSS, and HTML to develop apps that might become trendy in the Play Market.

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