Top 5 Huge Benefits of Digital Advertising For Your Business

Top 5 Huge Benefits of Digital Advertising For Your Business
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Once upon a time, chewing gum advertisements showed people chewing a single piece of gum. Then someone had the brilliant idea to create an ad that showed people chewing two pieces of gum at the same time.

The results? Gum sales doubled overnight because everyone adopted the habit of chewing two pieces together.

This is just one example of how powerful digital advertising can be. And considering that more than half the world — that’s 4.66 billion people — use the internet and social media, you have the potential to reach an unlimited audience with your brand.

If you’ve been advertising the old-fashioned way, it’s time to shake things up. Keep reading for some compelling reasons to add digital marketing to your advertising efforts.

1. Reach a Wider Audience

There are plenty of traditional advertising methods that are still effective, but they’re inherently limited in scope.

For example, running an ad through a local newspaper or radio station means it will only reach people in a small geographic area. The same is true of a billboard advertisement — only the people who happen to drive down that road will see it.

If you’re interested in expanding your business throughout the country (or the rest of the world), digital advertising is a must. You don’t have to pay for an expensive billboard ad to get their attention. Instead, you can get your products right in front of their nose via their smartphone or computer.

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Why limit your company to your physical locale when you could potentially reach those 4.66 billion internet users worldwide?

2. Target a Specific Market

Of course, there’s no such thing as a universal product. Even if you could get an ad in front of billions of people simultaneously, not all of them would be interested in your offerings.

This is another area where digital marketing excels. Imagine you sell natural skin care products aimed at teenagers and young adults. You decide to run an advertisement in the local newspaper.

What’s the problem with this method? Only 2% of teenagers regularly read a newspaper.

Now imagine you have the chance to run a digital advertising campaign on a popular channel like Facebook or Instagram. Instead of wasting precious advertising dollars showing to ad to older adults, you can create a campaign that will only appear to users aged 13-25.

You can tailor the ad to appear to a particular age group or gender, those with a particular interest or hobby, or those in a specific city, region, or country. Even more importantly, you can use analytics to understand who’s most likely to visit your website and buy your products. This allows you to effortlessly tweak your marketing efforts to reach your ideal target audience.

3. Get More Leads (For Less Money)

Who wouldn’t love to make more money with less time and effort? That’s exactly what you’ll get with digital marketing.

Most small businesses lack the budget and resources to compete against the “big boys.” Imagine trying to place your natural skin care product ad on the same page as L’Oreal or Clinique. Even if you could afford it, few people would notice it next to those big brand names.

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In the digital world, however, it’s easier for small businesses to stand out and attract attention. Creative ads and targeted marketing allow you to reach the ideal audience in the privacy of their own device. Best of all, you can set your daily or monthly budget to fit the needs of your business.

To keep your products at the forefront of users’ minds, you can also adopt remarketing strategies. This technique targets people who have previously visited your site or used your mobile app. These friendly reminders of your products can make all the difference in your conversion rates.

4. Measurable Results

Unless you talk to every person who buys something from you, you have no way of knowing how successful your traditional advertising methods might be. Contrast that with digital advertising, which allows you to track every step of a buyer’s journey.

For example, Google and social media channels offer detailed analytics about the user experience. You can see exactly how many people viewed your website or post and how many seconds they engaged with it. You can see if they liked or shared it and exactly when they clicked through to your site to browse or buy something.

As another example, allows companies to run “session replays” of their social media videos. This allows marketers to identify (and correct) any weak spots in their advertising where users get bored, confused, or frustrated.

With all of this data at your fingertips, you can fine-tune your advertising campaigns. You’ll easily see what’s working (and what isn’t) so you can optimize your budget and improve your ads over time.

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5. Increase Customer Loyalty

What will you do with all those customers you acquire through digital advertising? Convert them into loyal fans of your brand by keeping them engaged through digital channels.

Loyal customers who love your products will gladly recommend your brand to others. Keep your company at the forefront of their minds through email marketing campaigns and social media.

Does this really work? Yes!

Email marketing, for example, has one of the biggest ROIs in the business. On average, you can expect to earn $44 for every $1 you spend. How often do you hear about a 4400% ROI anywhere else?

Social media is another great place to engage with your fans and keep them coming back for more. Create and share content that’s relevant, helpful, and entertaining. The more your content delights and inspires them, the more likely they are to keep buying from you.

Boost Your Business With Digital Advertising

What is digital marketing? It’s more than pasting a few ads on Facebook or Google. It’s the driving force behind attracting and converting new customers for your business.

Bookmark this list and refer back to it as you develop a digital advertising strategy for your company. If you need help with your marketing plan, find a digital marketing agency in your area to help with your efforts.

Good luck!

Now that you’re up on the latest digital marketing tips, what’s next? Our site has more great information for savvy business owners like yourself, so keep browsing.

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