Could your Recruitment Strategy be Improved?

Could your Recruitment Strategy be Improved
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When was the last time you re-evaluated your recruitment process? If the answer eludes you, takes you by surprise, or perhaps even perplexes you, it might be time to consider implementing a hiring plan for the betterment of your business. Industry experience is always of high value but so are structured improvements to practices that are in place to bring the right people onto your organization’s radar.

Sometimes your business does not need a complete revamp of the hiring process so much as a modification of your existing strategy, often to coincide with industry trends and changing diversity acts and initiatives. This can mean adapting and evolving your internal team’s strategy, employing the services of an external recruitment specialist, or a combination thereof, with internal staff handling recruitment with the aid of an external consultant.

Job Descriptions

When creating a job description, it can be tempting to copy and paste from the last instance in which you posted a position vacancy. If you want to streamline the turnaround time from posting a job advert to recruiting a new candidate, however, you may want to analyze the number of applications you had, the viewers to your advert and edit the new post accordingly, optimising it with a view to generating the most interest from the right sort of applicant.

When creating a job description, it may seem unconventional to focus on what you can provide to the prospective employee when you are looking to hire a hard-working candidate, however, the best candidates will have multiple offers and want to know why they should choose you. So be sure to include a concise and compelling description of your organization, touching on the scope and achievements of the business, company culture, and anything else that positions it as a great place to work.

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Social Media Strategy

In the same vein, a social media strategy is preferable for showcasing all the attractive aspects of your brand and why the workplace stands out from other competitors who are not making use of this tool. Social media is a subtle way to provide advertising to go alongside your advert as it has a long-term reach and will achieve the same goal of promoting your values, mission statement, and benefits – all factors considered crucial by candidates. Employer branding equals a higher number of applicants to your advert alongside an increased enthusiasm for accepting the role.

Expert Touch

A hiring plan is a multi-faceted strategy for attracting the best candidates to your company at times when you need talent the most. Since you are in need of staff, it makes sense to outsource some of the work required to carry out this process, and that is where you may want to employ the services of a specialist recruitment consultancy to assist with hiring strategy and process training. It is typical for recruitment consultants to carry out a diagnostic and review the current procedures at your workplace in order to devise a bespoke plan for your business, ensuring attract (and secure) the right people in the least amount of time.

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