Top Communication Tools for Gen-Z Employees in 2023

Top Communication Tools for Gen-Z Employees in 2023
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For over a decade, we have been debating the qualities that Millennials seek in the workplace. Generation Z is frequently lumped in with its predecessors, but it is important not to assume that Gen Z employees will have the exact needs and desires! 

You must understand how to communicate effectively with Generation Z as they take over the workplace. Despite growing up with Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook, the generation’s communication preferences at work may surprise you. 

Team communication apps are not the newest thing on the market, but they are paving the way for seamless communication and innovative approaches. Team communication tools are no longer just for organizing team meetings and searching for topics; they have also become a way of life. Let us discuss the advantages of a team communication tool for Gen-Z employees. 

Who are Gen Z employees? 

It is a mistake to treat generation Z as the same as millennials because they are not. Generation Z, born between the mid-1990s and the mid-2000s, is the first generation to witness the birth and development of digital technology. Generation Z, also known as digital natives, prefers to communicate via text messages and video calls on social media platforms.  

If you think they would prefer online communication at work, recent research shows you are mistaken. We have prepared the best way to communicate with these young workers for you in this blog. 

Four ways to communicate with Generation Z at work 

  • Face-to-face communication  

It is well known that 98% of Gen-Z own a smartphone, and the average Gen Z-er spends 10 hours online daily. Although instant messaging apps are popular among this generation, statistics show that 72% of Gen Z prefer in-person communication with their boss and coworkers. 40% of Gen Z employees expect daily feedback on their performance from their boss. Lack of constant

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interaction with higher-ups may cause them to believe something is wrong, lowering the quality of their work.  

  • Be honest & transparent 

It is important to have honest, transparent conversations with Gen Z employees to gain their trust and dedication. Another reason they prefer in-person communication is to tell if someone is honest with them. When dealing with Gen Z employees, do not overly flatter them and gloss over facts with them. Let them know they can rely on you to be honest with them, as this will inspire confidence in your leadership. 

80% of Gen Z employees believe that being made aware of their flaws and then accepting their failures will help them develop themselves better and improve in that specific area. Generation Z values transparency more than any other generation. Do not conceal wrongdoings or management issues, and instead encourage open and transparent discussions at all levels by: 

  1. Organizing a monthly company meeting to keep everyone up to date and to address company-wide issues 
  2. Creating a company social channel to increase employee interaction. 
  3. Creating a centralized location for quick access to the company’s documents and policies.  
  • Treat them as equals

Gen Z believes in equal treatment and does not expect the generational gap to cause even the slightest form of disrespect. They want to be able to express themselves and be respected for doing so.  

  • Maximize online communication channels

Regardless of how much they value in-person communication, digital communication remains an important part of their lives. You can physically bond with Gen Z employees and connect with them in their comfort zone digitally by combining in-person and digital communication. 

To improve communication and collaboration, integrate popular tools such as Clariti into the workflow. It is a content-rich messaging tool in which you can understand the topic at hand without having to search for context. 

Five essential types of team communication tools for Gen Z employees 

  • Instant messaging apps 
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Email is rapidly being supplanted as the primary mode of communication by messaging platforms. Clariti, Slack, Microsoft Teams, or even a group chat app for the office provides more functionality than email. 

When emails arrive in your inbox, the only thing you can do is flag them or sort them into folders. Instant messaging provides a world of organization and interactivity for teams. Beyond email, instant messaging apps provide teams with the interpersonal communication required in high-functioning workplaces. Communication should be efficient and well-organized. 

You can use Clariti to organize all your chat, emails, social feeds, and cloud storage in one place, creating a context for every conversation. 

  • File-sharing applications 

Moving data and assets between team members take time. Cloud-based file-sharing apps enable everyone to access the same information simultaneously, ensuring that no one is left behind or left out. 

Clariti currently rules the business cloud. Clariti allows you to share an unlimited number of files in any format. It stores infinite data in a central repository accessible to all team members. 

Clariti makes organization and collaboration easier. It enables cloud-based real-time collaboration. You can also save any important file for later use. 

  • Video conferencing tools 

Employees in Gen Z rarely have the opportunity to meet in person. Mark is at home, John is at work, and Nicole is at the coffee shop. While they can all collaborate using a variety of tools, face-to-face communication is sometimes the best option. 

 Zoom is the most popular video conferencing team communication tool on the market, but it is far from the only one. Video conferencing is available through GoToMeeting,, and Skype. Groups can meet just like they would in person. Clariti deserves credit for including features such as instant messaging, group chats, screen sharing, and even private chat screens. Video chat fills the visual communication void left by today’s increasingly mobile workforce. 

  • Document editing software 
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Working on a single piece of collateral is difficult without cloud-based document editing software. Employees in Gen Z expect a real-time, up-to-date version of whatever document they are working on. 

Document editing software is an excellent communication tool because it provides contextual feedback. Marking up a document is much easier than explaining it in an email or over the phone. Teams can also invite outside collaborators (such as clients) to view and make notes directly in a document. With historical iterations captured and archived, it’s easy to see who’s changing what and even roll back if an error occurs. It demonstrates the value of cloud-based platforms for group communication. 

  • Project management platforms 

Project management platforms are undoubtedly the most effective communication tools for Gen Z teams. Communication, collaboration, accountability, and responsibility are all incorporated into these applications. They serve as the hub for all work and are the beating heart of any well-functioning team. Platforms for project management are the pinnacle of communication, providing complete visibility into the group’s efforts. 


These five productivity tools are the best you can give to your Gen Z employees to help them be more efficient at work while also reducing work-related stress. These tools automate many manual tasks for you, saving your young workforce time and energy. 

Because Gen Z prefers to use cutting-edge technology, all of these tools are jam-packed with advanced features that are simple to use. Allow your Gen Z employees to have the best tools possible to increase productivity and performance at work without cutting corners. In this case, you can go with Clariti. Clariti allows you to integrate email, chat and social feeds in one app. Using Clariti’s subject chat, you can naturally build contexts for all your work, boosting productivity at work. This will definitely be the one tool for all the needs of Gen Z in their workplace. 

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