15 Gaming Gadgets Every Avid Gamer Should Own

15 Gaming Gadgets Every Avid Gamer Should Own
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Gamers have argued for years over whether PC or console offers a better gaming experience. While it’s often considered a matter of opinion, the fact remains that a well-tuned gaming rig can outspeed and outperform even the best console on the market. It’s also far easier to update a gaming PC than a console.

The only thing the PC gaming experience is missing? The host of gadgets and peripherals that most console gamers get by default. Well, if your time gaming on PC has been lackluster, despair no longer, and check out these fifteen amazing gaming gadgets to level up your performance and experience!

1. High-Quality Headsets

Have you ever been in a Discord call with someone who doesn’t have headphones on? You hear not only the voice of your fellow players, but every click and clack of their keyboard and mouse, and every sound effect from their game. Especially if they forget to mute their microphone when not speaking.

Don’t be this guy. Nobody likes this guy. Investing in a high-quality headset will prevent you from being the problem child in an otherwise enjoyable Discord call. Most gaming headsets come with their own microphone, which means you won’t have to rely on your laptop’s built-in one or a standard business microphone to make yourself heard.

2. Clicky, Constant Keyboard

It’s often joked that the WASD keys are the first to go on a gamer’s keyboard. This is why it’s crucial to invest in a solid mechanical keyboard. The cheap one you got five years ago won’t cut it. You need keys that won’t stop working after a few hardcore gaming sessions.

3. Compatible Controller

Look, most people play PC games to get away from console gaming and all its peripherals. However, the fact remains that some games are better-optimized for controller than keyboard and mouse. In addition, some games feel better to play on a gaming controller.

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Most Xbox and PS4 controllers can work with a gaming PC. However, if you don’t want to put any money into console peripherals, you can find dedicated PC controllers both in-stores and online.

4. It’s Dangerous to Play MMOs Alone: Take This Mouse

MMOs are a special beast when it comes to controls, especially during raid content. While some MMOs have more welcoming communities than others, any high-level play expects nothing but the best from its players.

An MMO mouse will let you more easily access all of your hotkeyed skills. Now, you should be able to weave your cooldown and off-cooldown skills with the ease and grace of a true expert.

5. Making a Solid Connection With Routers

If you do any online gaming, you need to ensure that you have a rock-solid internet connection. While a wired Ethernet connection can fix many of your lag and disconnect woes, your bog-standard modem and router won’t cut it. You need to invest in routers specialized for gaming so your data won’t get throttled or restricted.

Lag time can be the difference between a success and a whole-party wipe. Don’t let your connection be the reason your team goes down.

6. Wild About Chroma

There’s no real performance benefit to chroma and various RGB LEDs. However, the atmosphere of these cool gaming gadgets cannot be denied. The colors can also help set the mood for any game you play. Try playing a challenging boss fight with blazing red lighting at night sometimes. It’s well worth the atmosphere!

You can find any number of remote or Wi-Fi-controlled LEDs in retailers and online. Whether you opt for remote or Wi-Fi depends on the strength of your internet connection and how much control you want over the colors.

7. Supersized Mouse Pads

With how much you move your mouse when PC gaming, mousepads are important, albeit less glamorous, gaming gadgets that you should have. If you don’t have a proper mouse pad to account for all your movements, you’ll find your desk scratched up and your mouse not moving as smoothly as it should.

8. Well-Lit Webcam

Do you stream? Do you like video-chatting with your friends to feel like you’re gaming in the same place? Either way, you need to get a well-lit webcam. The standard lighting of any room or the ambient light of a PC is, in general, awful.

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If you can find a webcam with a ring light, so much the better. This will let you be seen by your streaming audience and friends alike. Thankfully, you can find webcams with built-in lights at any major retailer.

9. Seated Like a King

Gamers are well-known for their hardcore play habits. It’s not uncommon for a gaming session to extend for several hours a single day. Your old chair from your college days can’t be too comfortable to sit on, especially for six hours or more. You need more ergonomic support.

Investing in a proper gaming chair can let you game in style and comfort. This can offer you a full range of motion to react to anything on the screen. While some office and electronics stores have gaming chairs, you’ll find the most selection online.

10. Cool Cases

It’s no secret that PC gaming takes a lot of power. Power generates heat, and heat can damage or weaken the delicate components which make up your gaming rig. There are a variety of cases with built-in cooling measures on the market. Most gaming PCs have such cases already, but you can also purchase them separately if you’d rather build your PC to a different aesthetic.

11. No Such Thing As Too Much RAM

RAM affects how well your computer can multitask. Gamers, especially hardcore MMO players, often have no less than five or six programs running at once: The game itself, a DPS checking algorithm, Discord, a web browser, and OBS if they’re streaming. With that in mind, it’s clear that there’s no such thing as too much RAM for a gamer.

Dedicated gaming PCs offer at least eight gigabytes of RAM, though most will have at least sixteen, if not more. If you’re looking for a prebuilt rig with enough RAM for your needs, you can find the right one here.

12. Solidify Your Drives

This is less a gaming gadget and more a gaming PC necessity. Standard hard drives rely on spinning disks to store their data. The problem with this lies in their moving parts. These moving parts easily wear out, and the slightest external trauma can disrupt, if not shatter them.

Solid-state drives, being a single, solid piece, avoid such problems. They’re also much faster than hard drives, which means that any programs installed on them will boot, load, and run faster. If you can, you should make all your PC’s drives, or at least those which store games on them, solid-state drives.

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13. A Secondary Monitor

Every gamer knows that playing in windowed mode is the worst. If you want to multitask while gaming, you’ll need to have a second monitor. Ideally, you’ll want one with a refresh rate of 120Hz for the best experience. With a secondary monitor on hand, you’ll be able to game and handle streaming tasks with ease.

While you can find a second monitor at any big box retailer or electronics store, a dedicated gaming monitor will be easier to find online.

14. Cable Management Systems

PC gamers collect an amalgamation of cool gaming room gadgets. Almost all of these have some form of wired connection. Seeing all of these wires is an eyesore. That’s why every gamer worth their salt should have a cable management system available to them. Not only will your gaming space look cleaner with proper cable management, but you’ll be able to move your mouse and other pieces more freely.

Cable management solutions can be found at any major electronics retailer.

15. Streaming Decks

A streaming deck should be a primary investment for anyone interested in taking their gaming hobby into a profession. Streaming decks simplify a number of complicated tasks into a simple button press. They make the often difficult task of running a successful stream a snap.

The most common brand for these is Elgato, though you can find others on Amazon and other sites.

Bonus: VR Headsets

Virtual Reality headsets are not yet as popular as old science fiction would have you believe. However, they are on the rise and can offer the most immersive gaming experience to date. Some VR headsets are designed as standalone consoles, but most often, you’ll find them as add-ons for PCs.

They’re one of the coolest PC gaming gadgets around, and can give any gamer an experience they won’t forget!

Gaming Gadgets Can Boost Your PC Experience

As you can see, there’s a host of amazing gaming gadgets available that can boost your gaming experience. Whether you game for fun or for business, these neat trinkets and add-ons will bring your PC gaming to the next level.

If you need tips on making your gaming hobby into a business and improving your revenue, you can check out our blog daily for more articles like this one!

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