How to Write a Political Analysis Paper

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A good understanding of international relations and world history is essential for political science. It doesn’t matter how much you know about history. But it won’t suffice if you want an outstanding political analysis paper. It is important to start with the idea that politics doesn’t just involve human interactions and actions, but also includes rational planning, motives, and principles. It is a unique area for research because it is not subject to natural laws but is still subject to certain regularities, such as international treaties. You cannot simply explain a political process, but you can search for the factors that caused it. If you have any problems writing your papers, you can always pay for term papers at MyPaperWriter.


What is a Political Analysis Paper?

An analysis paper on political politics aims to answer a question about a particular political event or process and also at forecasting future developments. This paper can also be used to analyze past events or processes. It does not necessarily address current situations and cases.

The political sphere encompasses both domestic politics and international relations. Your paper could therefore deal with either the country’s internal politics (party system or government form) or its foreign policy (relations to certain countries or international institutions).


Analyse is the method that you should use. This is to analyze the process and examine all aspects. Analyses must be thorough and include all factors, causes, and outcomes.

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You must also collect the data and information necessary to write a quality political analysis paper. Your paper wouldn’t be much more than an essay without empirical data. This paper is more sophisticated than an essay in high school English.

Research question and topic

You now need to choose the topic for your political analysis paper. Best admission essay writing services say that we should remember that title and topic are not synonymous. They are interconnected. The topic could be about the United States party system. This will be the title. You will now need to ask a research question. For example, “Does America’s party system reflect any political principle? If so, what principle?

Avoid too abstract titles. Reduce the length of your title to something that can be easily examined (empirically). This will allow you to easily formulate your research question.

Preliminary research

Because you don’t know anything about your thesis, this research is preliminary. You will need to read some literature to help you formulate a strong thesis for your paper on political analysis. Start with the most basic books, such as encyclopedias and textbooks. You can then check their bibliographies to find the most recent titles. Recent research is essential because it sheds light on new issues and theories.

You can also search online for keywords (e.g. “party system”) to conduct this research. You should only select titles that are relevant to your topic and approach. Avoid authors who aren’t well-known or discredited.

Now it is time to narrow your search. You can choose twenty-five titles (for example), and then read them one at a time. This is the most important research.

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Substantial research

This stage of research is where you need to identify important ideas to help you formulate your theoretical framework. Let’s take a look at the history of England’s party system and how it changed on American soil. Next, learn about the legal issues that the founders and first presidents of the United States had. Next, you will find out about the basic principles of democracy. You can also check if these principles are present in American party systems.

These materials will help you answer questions like:

  • What process do you analyze? What is the best way to define it?
  • What are the causes and factors of this phenomenon?
  • What has changed in the process over time?
  • Which theory best explains this process?
  • Which of these theories is most opposed and what does it claim?

Finally, you should be able formulate a thesis.


It is the central idea that explains the process or event. Your thesis must be clear and pertinent to the topic. The thesis cannot contain new ideas that are not covered in the paper. You will likely have to revise your thesis several times. This is normal. The more information you have, the more likely it will influence the way you write your paper.

After you’ve written your political analysis essay, it is time to go over it again. To find logic incoherence or contradictions (including vague definitions), read it first. Next, go back and review it. Make sure to check the grammar and style. Also, make sure to check the source of your quotations. Check the page numbers in your paper. You are now ready to submit your paper. You will need to revise or amend the section of the paper if your instructor finds a major flaw. Writing a political analysis paper can be a difficult task. It takes a lot of time and effort.

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