How to Match a Real Friend in Dating Apps

How to Match a Real Friend in Dating Apps
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How to get a meaningful match on a dating app? Usually, if you download a popular dating app, you will find that there will be a tediously long login setting to let the app know who you are and what you like. It seems that it could help you find someone special, but you won’t get even one date until the end. Perhaps, it is time to get some help.

Search PlusCupid in the app store and download the newest version to try this new dating app for Plus-size people. Let’s show you how to find your perfect match on this app step by step.

How to Create an Account Quickly

1. Download and install the PlusCupid app on your mobile phone.

2. Open the app and click “Create Account,” then input your valid email address and password.

3. Upload your profile picture > input your name > select your gender > birthday > the gender of the people you prefer to meet.

4. In the last step, you can choose to add more information about the personal details, or you can choose to skip it. More details can help your match know you better.

How to Use the Match and Meet Features

1. Allow the location permission to find people nearby to you.

2. Swipe left to pass a user, swipe right to like a user, and tap “Hi” to send a default message to get attention.

3. Click the Nearby, Popular, Online, and VIP filter in the “Meet” section to find the users you want to meet. And you can click the magnifier icon to find more filters, such as age, distance, region, and extra.

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How to Use the Chats Feature

1. In the Chats, you can send a text message, voice message, image, and emoji.

2. You can also send gifts to others to get attention. You can get gifts with the in-app coins.

3. In the “SAY HI” section at the top of the Chats feature, you can find the people who want to talk to you.

4. In the “Who Liked Me” section, you can upgrade to see the people who liked your profile and can message them directly.

5. Allow the Notification permission to get notified when you receive a message.

How to Use the Moments Feature

  1. Click the Edit button to post a moment, you can “CHOOSE OR TAKE A PHOTO” to post and write something about this post.
  2. Click the heart icon to like a moment, and click the dialog box to leave a comment to a moment.
  3. You can get a red dot at the top right bell icon if you receive a comment or like on your moment.

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