4 Small Businesses You Can Run From a Self-Storage Unit

4 Small Businesses You Can Run From a Self-Storage Unit
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Self-storage units are coming more and more of a trend as technology is developing. People are discovering about them and are using them a lot more as time goes by. People are going to use self-storage units on a large scale in the future.

Therefore, it is always a great choice to invest in them. Many people are continuously looking for trustworthy self-storage units where they can store their valuable items. If you are thinking of starting a small business, you can use self-storage units in a great way.

Small businesses are usually quite difficult to start and even harder to maintain. However, if you have a self-storage unit, then you can make this process a little easier. Most of the time, small businesses require stocking up on various products to sell them.

These products are even more valuable if you are the ones who are making them. This is mainly because these products since they are handmade can be a little more delicate. You need to store them with care. This is when you can use storage units in the best way.

Keeping your products in these storage units can keep them safe and in good condition at all times. Therefore, when you dispatch them, you will get great reviews from your clients. There are many businesses where you will require stocking up of products and need a self-storage unit.

If you wish to know more about these storage units in Edmonton, keep reading the article. Here are 4 small businesses that you can run from a self-storage unit:

  • Photography:

Photography is a great small business that you can see in all top self-storage company. When you take photographs and sell them, it requires a lot of planning. At the end of it, most people utilize their photos in ways where people can frame them and display them out in the open.

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Therefore, if you are good at photography and wish to start a small business, then you will require a self-storage unit for it. This is because, when you prepare your products, they will usually be photo frames or photos in print that people can buy and put up in their houses.

These are quite delicate and you need to keep them in a particular condition for them to stay intact and well maintained. Moreover, if you don’t store your photo frames in a good manner, they can accumulate dust over time and also get damaged.

Most photo frames are made out of wood and there’s always a risk of getting termites in them which will lead to loss. Therefore, Once you finish producing your stalk of frames, you can store them in this storage unit before dispatch so that they are in the best condition possible. Many photographers go to the largest self-storage companies in the us for their units.

  • Sourcing business:

A sourcing business would be great to open up if you have a self-storage unit. This is mainly because when you source items you need to stock them and keep them before you sell them. Most sourcing businesses require taking products from original companies and selling them by being the middle party.

For this, you will need to have a large stock of items that need to be well maintained and intact. Therefore, self-storage units can do that job for you. You can source almost anything from shoes and clothing items to even furniture and electronics.

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No matter what you source, keeping them in the best condition possible is what will keep your business running, therefore, self-storage owners can be of great use here. Some of the best self-storage companies allow you to store your stock of products in the most suitable conditions.

  • Thrift store:

Thrift stores are a great business that will help you profit a lot. Moreover, thrift stores always end up working as many people are looking out for them. There are lots of great self-storage in the USA that can help you out with this.

Starting a small business for these thrift items can work very well for you. You will also require self-storage units for these businesses as when you produce those items, they will need to stay in good condition.

Moreover, since the items that you will give out for thrifting will be in slow fashion, keeping them inside storage units will help to avoid any damage to them. Self-storage units can also keep your items for a long period.

  • Candles business:

A candle business is a great idea if you can’t think of any small businesses. Candles are quite a trend and many people tend to buy them from small businesses. This is mainly because store-bought candles are very monotonous and boring.

However, if you start a small business for candles, you can make them unique and creative and sell them in a better manner. Candles are quite delicate items as they can get spoiled if you don’t take care of them properly.

Moreover, most candles are made in glass jars and need to be stored safely. If you have a successful candle business, you will need to produce lots of them in stock and store them before dispatch.

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Therefore, you can keep these in a self-storage unit so that they are fresh when you sell them. Moreover, for candles, you can request a climate control self-storage unit so that the wax stays intact for a long time.


These words stop for small businesses that you can learn from our self-storage unit. We hope that this article could help you find the perfect business for yourself where you can utilize your self-storage unit to its best potential.

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