Why Facebook Followers Matter and How to Increase Them?

Why Facebook Followers Matter and How to Increase Them?
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Facebook, the world of connections at your fingertips. By creating a Facebook page, you have taken the first step toward your brand’s promotion. But have you thought about the ways of promoting your brand? Followers are a great way to spread brand awareness.

Facebook followers are the people who are most engaged with your page. A follower on Facebook is someone who has hit the follow button on your page. Whenever someone likes your page, they automatically start following you. However, if someone does not want to showcase his/her page likes to the whole world, they may simply choose to follow your page without liking it.

In this article, we will be sharing some tips on how to increase Facebook page followers.

Do Facebook Followers Matter?

Yes, Facebook followers matter. Followers on Facebook are your first promoters. The greater the number of followers the wider the reach of your brand promotions. Your followers are the ones who have chosen to remain updated with your posts and have allowed your posts to show on their news feeds. Hence, they are the ones who are in constant touch with your posts and can help your page to grow by sharing your content.

Now that we have understood the importance of followers on Facebook, let us learn some tips on how to increase your follower count.

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How to Increase Your Followers’ count on Facebook?

Trying to increase the number of followers on your page? Give the below tips a try and we assure you that you would not be disappointed.

  1. Plan your strategy

Plan a strategy for your Facebook page. Be clear about your goals and priorities. Keep an eye on your competitors and try to understand your followers’ likes and dislikes.

Make your page easy to find with an attractive profile picture and cover photo. Your usernames should be simple to search and always fill in the about section on your page.

  1. Posting frequency

Plan a content calendar and post accordingly. Your posts should not have too much time gap between them because this might make your followers disengaged. Frequent and well-timed posts attract new followers. Also, learn when to post. Posting in the wee hours may let your post go unnoticed because your followers might be inactive at the time.

  1. Variety in content

Remember your content should always be something that attracts your followers. Keep experimenting with your content and try to gauge the reaction of your existing followers. You may go through their comments and number of likes to have a better understanding of why a post is a success or failure. Make use of images, videos, reels, etc to create more engaging content. You can also give hashtags a try.

  1. Interact with your followers

Remember people who follow you want to be heard. Your followers will appreciate it if you reply to their comments. Keep checking your DMs and comment sections and try to solve the queries of your followers. These interactions create a loyal fan base which may encourage new people to follow you.

  1. Giveaways, contests, and coupons

Hosting giveaways and contests on your Facebook page is a good way to increase brand awareness. Giveaways are pocket friendly and attract new people. You can set some rules for your giveaway such as a user needs to tag a certain number of their friends in your post to participate in the giveaway. Or you can ask them to share your post on their timeline. This attracts new followers to your page.

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You can also make use of discount codes or coupons to attract your followers to promote your brand.

  1. Make it shareable

Always make your content shareable. Your followers might come across a post that they want to share with their friends. This in turn garners new views on your posts which might attract new people to your page.

  1. Link your page everywhere

Try promoting your Facebook page wherever possible. You can add a plugin to your website or embed your post in your blogs. You can also connect Facebook to other social media channels. You can also include a call-to-action button in your email newsletters which redirects your customers to your Facebook page.

  1. Partner with influencers

An influencer promoting your brand acts as credibility proof for your page. Influencers can drive new traffic to your Facebook page. People who are following a certain influencer generally follow their advice. So, when influencer partners with you, his/her followers may decide to give your page a visit and hit the follow button.

  1. Use Facebook groups

Join a Facebook group or create one of yours. A Facebook group is direct access to your audience’s needs, likes, and concerns. It is also a place for you to keep your users updated with the happenings of your venture.

  1. Co-marketing

Collaborate with another brand that has a similar audience base as yours. Run marketing campaigns together on Facebook. This helps in reaching new people and also helps you in understanding the market better.

You can also take the help of Facebook ads to promote your brand. Paid ads are the new sensation and if planned accordingly can give your highly fruitful results. Facebook ads allow you to segregate your audience base according to different parameters. This in turn helps to create an engaged follower base.

  1. Get verified

Last but not the least, getting a blue tick helps a lot. A blue tick is social proof of your brand’s authenticity and credibility. With the number of fake brand pages circulating on Facebook, getting verified is a major step in gaining more followers.

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We have tried to provide you with a comprehensive guide on Facebook followers and how to gain them. We hope this article will be a plus point for your Facebook page’s growth. Also, by using FBPostLikes you can gain a reputable number of likes on your Facebook page. This tool attracts new audiences and hence garners your page new views and more likes.

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