4 Best Plagiarism Checking Apps for Content Writers

4 Best Plagiarism Checking Apps for Content Writers
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No one likes to read copied text that is stolen from other articles. People ignore such content as it will be just a wastage of their time.

Sometimes students avoid writing lengthy content and copy the data of their fellows to escape from the penalties.

Writers also try to steal the ideas of other authors and use them in their content to make their workflow fast and generate more traffic.

This factor is called plagiarism and is strictly prohibited either you are in a class or an online platform.

Google devalues such content that has duplication in it or is copied from any other source without giving credit.

So, plagiarism can harm the reputation of your website and de-rank it on search engines that can lead to a decline in traffic.

To dodge these aspects and make the text unique, it is necessary to remove copied lines from your content.

Before telling it in detail, let me tell you some famous types of plagiarism that can decrease the beauty of your text.

Types of plagiarism

Writers have a lot of content to write and sometimes they get the same topic repeatedly, so it can be hard for them to rewrite the content uniquely.

They add the same lines in their articles and make self-plagiarism. Although they don’t steal the content of others, still it is prohibited by google to use similar lines as users get bored of such content.

The other thing is intentional plagiarism in which you copy the text of other writers intentionally and use it in your text.

It can affect the worth of your content and google will never trust your website again.

Sometimes, it also happens that you use lines in the content that are earlier used by anyone. Although you are not breaking the laws still it is counted as unintentional plagiarism.

These three are the most famous types of plagiarism and one can use plagiarism checker tools or apps to make their content unique before publishing it online.

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What are plagiarism checkers?

These are AI-based tools or applications that contain a huge database of content and can figure out duplicated text from your content instantly.

People mostly use the web and make their content duplication-free using online tools. But it is also possible that you are completing your task on a mobile phone.

Will you transfer your data to a computer and after checking plagiarism again move it to your mobile phone?

Absolutely not! It is a long process and can irritate you. To make the work fast and get instant results, users can take help from mobile applications.

These applications can check the plagiarism in your content and again you can save new data on the mobile with one click.

Best plagiarism checking apps

Selecting the best tool at the online marketplace is a tricky task. You don’t have an idea that which tool can help you and which one will waste your time.

When we go to search for the best plagiarism checkers, we get a long list of applications. So, one may get confused while going for the best one.

Here we will guide you to choose the best tools that can make your tasks easy and simpler and avoid you from Google penalties.

Plagiarism checker – Prepostseo

Plagiarism checker – Prepostseo

The plagiarism checking app by Prepostseo is the best that can make your content unique and make it free of plagiarism.

This freemium application provides the first 200 queries in free and is very perfect for working.

Once you use this tool, it will be your hot favorite tool due to the extraordinary features that it provides to the users.

Let’s discuss this tool in detail and talk about its features.

Provide percentage

When you insert text into this plagiarism checker app, it matches the content with different databases online and figures out every copied line.

After getting the copied text, it provides a proper percentage box in which you can figure out that how much text you have copied from other sources.

Provide sources

When this advanced AI tool figures out duplicated data, it underlines those lines and also provides the source of the site from where you have taken that text.

You can check the websites and make the content unique from that one to get more visitors to your page.

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Accurate results

The results provided by this top plagiarism checker are 100% accurate. So, one can’t doubt the results provided by this application.

It provides you with the sources so you can check the data there.

Fermium Tool

This tool is having both free and paid versions. At the start, you can get 200 queries that are enough to check the performance of a tool.

To get more queries and increase other features, you can go for premium plans.

Plagiarism detector – ginstr GmbH

Plagiarism detector – ginstr GmbH

It is also one of the top plagiarisms detecting applications that can help to point out copied data in the text.

It deeply reads the content and extracts those lines that are taken from other sources. Writers can remove those lines and make the text free of duplication.

You need to sign up before using this application so that your data could be saved in your account for future use.

Here we will talk about some best features of this application.

Read the content deeply

This tool uses an advanced algorithm that reads the content deeply and matches it with multiple databases online.

If any copied line is detected, this tool underlines that text so writers can change the wordings and make their text unique.

Work offline

Once you have created the account, now you can use this tool offline. There is no need to turn on Wi-Fi before checking plagiarism in the content.

Save the data for later use

When you take out plagiarized data from the text and make it unique, this tool saves those files for later use.

Your data get saved in your account so you can log in anytime and get access to your content.

Safe to use

Users hesitate to use online applications. They think that data might be stolen at online platforms so they avoid it.

This online application is very secure to use and doesn’t harm the privacy of its user. This factor makes this tool reliable to use.

Plagiarism checker – BhadarApps

Plagiarism checker – BhadarApps

The plagiarism checker by bhadarapps is one of the top applications preferred by the user due to its functionalities and security.

This tool is full of features. Let’s discuss some best features that force the users to try this tool.

Source the cites

When the copied text is figured out of the content, it also provides the source from where the data is taken from.

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Writers can visit those websites to ensure the results and make the text unique.

Precise output

The results provided by this tool are 100% genuine and accurate. It reads the content deeply and extracts the text that is matching with other websites.

Fast response

This plagiarism checker is very fast to use as it provides instant results to the users and tells them the copied part of the content.

So, you can make the workflow faster and generate unique articles in no time.

Secure to use

The plagiarism checking app is very safe to use as it provides you plagiarism-free content without saving your text in its database.

Users trust this app because it is very reliable and secure.



It is one of the most reliable applications that provide the perfect results to users and help them to generate a unique text.

This application helps provides an accurate result so users can make their content exclusive.

The plus points of this duplication detecting application are

Simple interphase

The interphase of this top plagiarism checker is very simple and you can easily extract the copied text from your content to make it attractive.

Reliable tool

This application provides the most accurate and precise results to the users that make it more reliable and users prefer this application over others.

Download the files

After making the text unique and getting a proper result, you can download the files directly and save them to your device.

There is an option of saving the text that you can click and your document will be saved on the mobile phone that you can use in the future.

Final lines

If you are facing issues with your laptops or are unable to detect plagiarism in the content due to any reason, there is an option to complete the task on mobile phones.

Here you have to open the application and insert the text in the plagiarism checking box. The scanner present in these tools will scan the entire document and figure out plagiarized content.

If you are worried to select the best plagiarism checking mobile application, this article is quite helpful for you.

The applications we talked about in this article are best for the writers to make the text exclusive and grab more readers.

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