What Is a Crypto Cannabis Club?

What Is a Crypto Cannabis Club?
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What is a Crypto Cannabis Club? A club that integrates cannabis and blockchain technology, allowing its members to enjoy a new experience and enjoy the benefits of both. This club features a special cannabis strain that uses NFTs (new-fangled technologies) to improve the brain. To learn more about this club, read the following article. Then, get involved in the community and consider the various benefits it offers. If you’re looking for hybrid marijuana seeds and a new experience, consider joining the Crypto Cannabis Club today!

NFT-powered cannabis brand

Earlier this year, Crypto Cannabis Club, a new cannabis brand with blockchain technology, announced a partnership with CampNova, a leading cannabis direct-to-consumer e-commerce platform. The partnership will help facilitate the launch of the first NFT-powered cannabis brand in March 2022. The brand will be sold in packages of 1/8th ounce premium cannabis flower, complete with custom artwork by CCC. The first three packages of the brand’s production line will include the NFToker NFT.

Crypto Cannabis Club is a community that exists in the Metaverse, a virtual community focused on marijuana. The NFT brand will be sold on a membership basis, with each member being able to purchase 1/8 ounce functions of flower. This product is expected to sell for more than six hundred dollars each. Crypto Cannabis Club has also announced partnerships with top-selling cannabis brands, including Greenhouse and Sativa Herbs.


The community of Crypto Cannabis Club is a virtual marijuana business based on NFTs. These tokens are derived from cannabis and offer many benefits for members. Members can access real-world discounts for products they own in the real world, participate in Crypto Cannabis Cup competitions, learn growing tips about magnesium deficiency in cannabis and even have jobs in a virtual greenhouse. To learn more about Crypto Cannabis Club, read on! This article was written by a member of the community.

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Crypto Cannabis Club, an NFT collection, is the first cannabis brand powered by NFT technology. The company partnered with cannabis direct-to-consumer e-commerce platform CampNova to create a product line featuring premium packaged marijuana flowers. The company has now been listed as one of the top 100 NFTs for 2021 by Boardroom. The community is growing in size and has launched multiple events in different cities from L.A. to Mexico.


One of the heavy hitters behind Crypto Cannabis Club is Hunter. Hunter spent four years as Chief Operating Officer of Willie Nelson’s cannabis brand, expanding it and introducing a line of CBD products. Since then, he’s been consulting with different brands. In his new role at Crypto Cannabis Club, he will help companies create their next big product. He’ll be working closely with industry leaders like Discord and OpenSea to make sure the project will be a success.

While the team is largely connected through a Discord channel, they occasionally meet in person. The community has proven to be reassuring during the recent crypto crash. As a club, Crypto Cannabis Club encourages its members to “hold tight.” The project is passionate and utilizes the community as a recruiting tool. Although it’s early days, the club has a large following and a bright future ahead.

Carbon offsets

The first NFT from the Crypto Cannabis Club sold out in less than a week. These are now being re-sold on a secondary market, OpenSea, in exchange for Ether, the endemic cryptocurrency of the Ethereum blockchain. The offsets are stored for decades and the club earns five percent of the proceeds. The average value of a cannabis NFT is around $900. The club also gets its cut of the sale through smart contracts.

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To create these offsets, a project administrator must work with carbon registries to identify a program that certifies farmers to sell their credits. Landowners can earn carbon credits for storing carbon in their soil and crops. Currently, this voluntary market is unregulated, but the Growing Climate Solutions Act (SCORE) provides $4 million over four years to help farmers navigate the new environment and design a market with them in mind. Carbon offsets are not mandatory, however, and the USDA must develop its verification protocols and create an advisory council before they can be issued.

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