Download Truecaller Premium APK (Unlocked, Gold, MOD) Latest Version

Download Truecaller Premium Apk New Version Free for Android,iOS 2021
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  • Truecaller Premium Gold APK (Free) is an App to manage calls, contacts, and social media accounts. And it is considered one of the best apps in this field. Where Truecaller MOD APK contains many unique tools and features. Which you will not find in any other application. Where you can get rid of spam contacts as well as unwanted messages. Also Truecaller Premium Unlocked monitors the inbox, log, and messages sent via e-mail. Also, you can block telemarketing messages and media messages. In addition to the ability to automatically block unknown messages. Where you can get rid of all spam and unwanted messages with just one click. Besides making your phone clean and without any annoying messages.

    In addition to knowing anyone trying to contact you or send messages. Based on that, today we will provide you with all the information on Truecaller Premium Apk. In addition to how to download Truecaller Premium Gold APK Free the latest version for Android. Also, we will provide you with steps to download Truecaller Premium free for iOS. In addition to how to install Truecaller Premium for PC. As the application is compatible with all versions of Android. Besides all other operating systems. Also, we will show you all the unlocked features of Truecaller Premium Gold. So follow us below to know more details.

    How to Install and Use Truecaller Premium Apk (Guide)

    About Truecaller Premium Gold APK

    Truecaller Premium Gold APK and as we explained above is an App for managing calls and contacts. Also, it is considered one of the best Truecaller apps for iPhone and Android. Also, you can use Truecaller Premium Gold to manage your WhatsApp account. Besides Snapchat and Messenger. As the App supports some social media platforms. In order to be able to avoid any automatic message. Besides the ability to avoid all intrusive users. In addition to the ability to block messages and calls from a specific person. Also, you can block spam messages. In addition to banning advertising messages and marketing messages from each other.

    Also Truecaller Premium Gold has many unlocked features. Like being able to see who is visiting your profile. On any social media site, you have an account with. Also, you can record calls with other contacts. Besides getting on More Contact Requests and others. Also one of the best features when you download Truecaller Premium Apk unlocked. You will not jailbreak your phone to download Truecaller Premium to iPhone. Also, you are not required to root your phone. When you download Truecaller Premium MOD APK for Android. Despite that, the application is free without paying any money. So follow us next to find out more about the other amazing features.

    Unlocked Features Of Truecaller Premium APK

    Features Of Truecaller Premium Gold APK

    • Unlock All Features. One of the first and most important advantages of the App. You can take advantage of all the unlocked features and benefits. Unlike the official app.
    • Unlock Gold Them. You can enjoy the unique and unique golden theme for free in this amazing version with a background that looks more attractive.
    • See Your Profile Visitors. Also, you can easily see who visited your profile. In order to be able to block and avoid all annoying users.
    • Call Recording. Also one of the other amazing features of Truecaller. You can record all calls with all contacts. In order to protect your accounts from intruders.
    • No Permissions. You are not obligated to root your phone. When you download Truecaller Premium Gold Apk for Android. Plus, you are not required to jailbreak your phone. If you download Truecaller Premium Gold for iOS.
    • Compatibility. Truecaller Premium is an App compatible with all versions of Android. Whether you are using an old or new phone. Also, you can run Truecaller on other operating systems such as iPhone and Windows.
    • No Ads. One of the things that most smartphone users annoy you about in such apps is ads. Where most users suffer from this problem. But with Truecaller, there are no annoying ads.
    • Incognito Mode. Of the other features that must be mentioned. You can visit any profile of any person. Without him knowing or receiving notice that you have visited him. This is one of the best features of the App.
    • Free & Safe. Truecaller Premium is a free application. Without paying any money. Also, the App is very safe on mobile data. And it does not carry any malware or corrupted files that may harm your phone.

    Download Truecaller Premium APK (Unlocked + GOLD + MOD) Free Latest Version 2021

    Download Truecaller Premium APK (Unlocked+GOLD+ MOD) Free Latest Version 2021

    How to Download Truecaller Premium Apk For Android

    1. In the beginning, you will click on the download link below.
    2. Then you will wait a few seconds for the download to finish.
    3. Then proceed to the installation steps in the next.

    Download Truecaller Premium Apk v11.72.8 Download


    How to Download Truecaller Premium Apk For Android

    • When the download is finished, open the “Settings“.
    • Then choose the “Security Settings“.
    • After that enable the “Unknown Sources” option.
    • Close the settings and open the “Downloads” file.
    • Now click on Truecaller Premium “APK” file.
    • Then press the “Install” button.
    • When the installation is finished, you will click “Open“.
    • You have successfully download Truecaller Premium Gold APK.

    How to Download Truecaller Premium For iOS

    1. Click on the download link below.
    2. Wait a minute for the download to finish.
    3. After that, proceed with the rest of the installation steps.

    Download Truecaller Premium iOS



    • Once the installation is completed, go to the “Settings” on your phone.
    • Then choose “Profiles & Device Management“.
    • After that, click on Truecaller “Profile“.
    • Then press the “Trust” button.
    • And now you can install Truecaller Premium without any problems.

    How to Install Truecaller Premium Gold On Your PC

    As we got used to before. Any Android game or App cannot be run on a PC without an emulator. So you need to download and install the “BlueStacks” emulator. After that, you can install and use Truecaller App on your PC.


    Now you can download Truecaller Premium Apk the latest version 2021 for free. Where we explained all the details of the application above. In addition to providing direct download links. Without any ads or pop-ups. In order to be able to download Truecaller Premium Apk for Android. Without root your phone. Besides downloading Truecaller for iOS. Without jailbreaking your phone. Also, you can install the App on your PC easily. As we have provided all the necessary information. Besides displaying all the unlocked Truecaller Premium features. Share your opinion in the comments.


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