Top Digital Marketing Strategies for 2024

Top Digital Marketing Strategies for 2024
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If you run a small business, marketing is never far from your thoughts and as we live in a digital world, it follows that your marketing should be digital. One of the fastest-growing sectors, digital marketing involves a combination of strategies to drive organic traffic to the desired URL, and with that in mind, here are the most popular and effective online marketing strategies that will be in use in 2024.

  • Social media marketing – This is where the advertising gold lies; Facebook, Twitter (X) and Instagram are all effective platforms to post your rich ad content; the go-to people are King Kong agency, the Australian award-winning outfit that takes no prisoners. You can expect 15xROI when you connect with the top agency; their numbers, not ours.
  • SEO – Search engine optimisation can be the difference between success and a mediocre existence; millions of consumers source products and services with Google and having your site optimised is a must if you want organic traffic. It’s all about algorithms and Google are pretty secretive about theirs, yet a good SEO engineer can put your site on page 1 of search results. The world’s biggest search engine is constantly evolving and the SEO industry tries to figure out what Google are doing that is different.
  • Pay per click advertising – Relatively new, PPC is an arrangement where the advertiser pays the publisher per click on the banners; PPC can be very effective in the right hands and joining forces with a top-rated digital marketing agency is a smart move. They create the ads and choose the best times and platforms; real-time analysis allows changes to be made and whatever your budget, industry professionals have the best numbers.
  • Outreach blogging – Posting articles on independent blog sites is a good way to put inbound links onto the web; the more you put out there, the more traffic you will generate. A long-term campaign could last 1 year that involves 1000s of links, which is sound marketing at its best.
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When you approach a digital marketing agency, they will take a look at your online profile and examine your digital footprint; this leads to a plan, which is proposed with a fixed price.

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