Hungry Dragon MOD APK v3.11 Download (Unlimited Money, Unlocked)

Hungry Dragon MOD APK v3.12 Download (Unlimited Money, Unlocked)

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Hungry Dragon MOD APK Unlimited Money is an epic adventure game with dragons. Where you can enter the world of wild dragons. Besides raising animals and making use of them to provide your strength. Also, you can eat everything in a way that will help you win. Use your skills and collect the largest number of points to pass the levels to move forward on Hungry Dragon Mod Apk. Also, you will be able to discover more new places. In addition to entering interesting adventures in forests and fields.

In addition to destroying cities and villages on your way, and other activities that you can do. Also on Hungry Dragon MOD, Everything Unlocked. So you can take advantage of all the new game improvements. Since you can get Unlimited Coins when you start playing. In addition to getting Unlimited Money, which is one of the most important features. Also, you can customize the dragons as you want as well as unlock 10 new customizable dragons and upgrades.

And other new features in Hungry Dragon MOD APK. So below, you will see all the information about the MOD version of the game. You will also find a direct download link without ads. In order to be able to easily download Hungry Dragon Mod APK 2021 to your phone. Also, we will provide you with steps to install Hungry Dragon MOD on your PC. In addition to how to download Hungry Dragon MOD to iOS. With all the unlocked features and other details displayed below.

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About Hungry Dragon MOD APK Unlimited Money

Hungry Dragon Mod Apk is an updated version of Hungry Dragon. Which contains amazing new features and improvements. With more upgrades, features, and news updates. Where you can explore more new areas and cities. Besides Unlocked New Pet Lives in this version. Where, unlike all field games and other games, you can use pets to increase your strength. As pets are not only for decoration. Also, you can Unlock Outfit easily. And many new pets you can unlock. In addition to enjoying HD Graphics and high-quality effects.

Also, you can use more unique customization options. In addition to the ability to upgrade all the dragons in Hungry Dragon MOD APK. Also, you will no longer suffer from any pop-up window or annoying advertisement while playing. Any annoying ads have been removed from this version. In addition, Hungry Dragon MOD Unlimited Money is completely reliable and has anti-ban features. Also, you can get new dragons and use infinite money and infinite coins.

Also, you can upgrade animals and more options on Hungry Dragon MOD. Besides, the size of the game is very suitable for your device data and the installation steps with one click. Also, the game is compatible with many versions of Android and iOS. Where you can download Hungry Dragon Mod Apk the latest version free for Android. Also, you can download Hungry Dragon MOD for iOS without jailbreak. You can see more amazing and beautiful features in the following.

Feathers Of Hungry Dragon MOD APK

  • Unlock Everything. One of the best and first new improvements in Hungry Dragon MOD. Where you can unlock new features that were not previously available in any previous version.
  • Unlocked Dragons. Also one of the best new features and additions in the game. Where you can use more than 10 new dragons in the MOD version.
  • Unlock New Pet Lives. In order to be able to supply your strength and walk to achieve more achievements in the game. Then you can enjoy new pet life.
  • Unlock New Locations. And in order to be able to explore more other villages and cities. Then more new places were unlocked, which you can play with.
  • Unlock Outfits. Now, for the first time, you can choose the appropriate dress code for you on Hungry Dragon MOD APK. As more and more new outfits have been opened that you can choose from.
  • Unlimited Money. And in order to be able to buy anything you want in the game. Then the Infinite money feature was enabled in the new and modified version as a fixed feature.
  • Unlimited Coins. It is also one of the great features of Hungry Dragon MOD. Where you can get infinite coins when you start playing.
  • Improvements & Upgrades. You can upgrade the animals and dragons along with more options. In addition to enjoying the new improvements in Hungry Dragon.
  • No Permissions. You will not root your phone to download Hungry Dragon Mod APK to your device. Also, you will not jailbreak your device to download Hungry Dragon on iPhone
  • No Ads & Free. You can install the game for free on your phone. Also, Hungry Dragon MOD does not contain any annoying ads while playing or any pop-up windows.
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Download Hungry Dragon MOD APK the Latest Version 2021

Download Hungry Dragon MOD APK the Latest Version 2021

Download Hungry Dragon Mod Apk for Android

Hungry Dragon Mod Apk v 3.12

Hungry Dragon Mod Apk v 3.11

Installation Steps

  • Initially download Hungry Dragon MOD.
  • After you finish, open the Settings.
  • Then move to Security.
  • Now allow Unknown Sources.
  • Then, go to Hungry Dragon MOD Location.
  • Now you can start installing the game.
  • Successfully download Hungry Dragon Hack Mod Apk.

Download Hungry Dragon MOD for iOS

Download Hungry Dragon for iOS

Installation Steps

  • Download Hungry Dragon MOD from the top.
  • Wait for the download to finish.
  • Open General Settings.
  • Trust your Hungry Dragon profile.
  • This is in the event that there is any problem during the installation.

How to Download Hungry Dragon MOD On PC


Now you can download Hungry Dragon Mod Apk the latest version free for Android. In addition to watching and see all the new features and improvements in the game. Also, you can see unlimited new and unlocked features. Along with more customization options, upgrades, and unlocking everything. Also above, you will see how to download Hungry Dragon for iPhone and PC, and other details.

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