ePSXe APK Download the Latest Version for Android [100% Working]

Download ePSXe APK + BIOS for Android the Latest Version 2023

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ePSXe APK is a very professional PlayStation emulator. Which is the best solution to be able to play PlayStation 2, 2, 3, 4, and PlayStation X & PS games on many devices. Where you can download ePSXe Apk + BIOS for Android, iPhone, Mac, Linux, MacOS X, and others. As the App enjoys great popularity and high efficiency. Also, you can use ePSXe Apk + BIOS easily and without any effort. As we will provide you with all the details and information you need about the procedure.

Besides how to use ePSXe and solve all problems. Also, you will see below all the new features and advantages of the ePSXe Emulator. Which you will not find in any other Playstation emulator. As the App supports a touchpad, external games, USB, and Bluetooth. Also, ePSXe supports Cheat Codes and analog sticks. In addition to supporting the speech from Intel Atom X86, ARM. And one of the most important features of the app is that it is compatible with all versions of Android.

Also, iOS with a very large percentage. Besides, improved detection of the push button on the touch screen. And other unlocked and new features that are not available in any other application. Therefore, you will find below all the required download links for all devices. In addition to the best way to download ePSXe Apk the latest version for Android. As well as how to download ePSXe + Bios for iOS. Also, below you will find steps to download ePSXe for Windows 7, 8, 9, 10, and other features.

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ePSXe PlayStation emulator setup guide

About ePSXe Emulator APK

ePSXe Apk is the best solution to play old and new PS games on your Android and iOS phones. And it’s considered one of the best emulators that you can use to play PlayStation games. Also, ePSXe contains a variety of tools and options. Besides the support of many other additions. So you can customize the game and connect a joystick, port, or analog stick. Also, one of the most important features of ePSXe APK.

Is the support for setting buttons for devices such as Xperia Play, external game boards, Bluetooth, and others. Just like “Drastic Ds Emulator“. Also one of the most important and best features of the App. Is integrated compatibility with many phones and operating systems. Also, the App contains automatic and regular updates of plugins. So if you want to play Playstation games on Android or iOS, then you can install ePSXe emulator Apk on your phone.

To be sure, you will not root your phone to download ePSXe APK for Android. Besides, you will not jailbreak your device to download ePSXe for iPhone. Also, when you download ePSXe Emulator for a PC, Mac, or Linux, you will not need to download an external file. The installation steps are very easy. You can read and see more details and new improvements below.

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Feautres of ePSXe APK Emulator

  • Unlock New Features. In order to be able to use ePSXe Apk with all the features. Then more new additions and features were opened in the simulator.
  • Compatibility. ePSXe is compatible with all operating systems. Where you can use ePSXe on PC, Mac, Linux, iPhone, Android, and MacOSX.
  • Support All Bios. There are a lot of users who suffer from some bios files being corrupted or not. So this version supports all bios files.
  • HD Graphics. Using the emulator will not affect the quality or speed of the game at all. As ePSXe MOD keeps the quality of games high.
  • No Permissions. You will not root your phone to download ePSXe Apk for Android. Also, you will not jailbreak your device to download the ePSXe emulator for iPhone and iPad.
  • Peopsxgl Plugin & Xperia Play. The emulator also supports Peopsxgl Plugin and Xperia Play, as well as USB, Bluetooth, analog stick, and others.
  • New Improvements. The emulator contains more improvements and new updates. Besides fixing all errors in previous versions.
  • Play All Games. Once you have finished downloading ePSXe. Then you can enjoy playing many fun and favorite PS4 games.
  • Smooth User Interface. Using an ePSXe emulator is very easy and does not require any skills. As the user interface is familiar to all users of the emulator.
  • Free. You will not pay a single cent to get the application. Whereas, ePSXe is free and has a small size that is compatible with all phones.
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Download ePSXe APK Emulator the Latest Version 2023 + BIOS

Download ePSXe 2.0.15 Apk

Download Bios Files Free

Download ePSXe Apk Old Version

Download ePSXe 2.0.14 Apk

Installation Steps

  • Click to download ePSXe Apk from the top.
  • Then wait for a little while until the installation is complete.
  • Now open the Security Settings.
  • Then allow Unknown Sources.
  • Then, go to the ePSXe Location on your phone.
  • Now start installing the emulator.
  • Successfully now download ePSXe Apk + Bios.

How to Download ePSXe Emulator for iOS

Download ePSX Emulator for iOS

Installation Steps

  • You will download ePSXe first.
  • Then you will open the General Settings.
  • Now you will select Profiles
  • Then trust the ePSXe profile.
  • Now start installing the App.

ePSXe APK Download the Latest Version for Android [100% Working]


Now you can play all PlayStation games on your phone easily. The best way to download ePSXe APK for Android is the latest version. Also, you can now download ePSXe for iPhone, iPad, Mac, Windows, Linux, and others. As we have provided you at the top with all the details you need. With displaying all the great and amazing features of the simulator.

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