Electric Car Charging Tips for New Drivers

Electric Car Charging Tips for New Drivers
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With over half a million citizens owning an electric vehicle, the change to more energy-efficient driving methods is looking good. Moreover, there are little tips about charging your vehicle you need to have in mind before setting out.

1. Always Plan Your Route Before Driving

Before getting in your vehicle to cruise down the streets, be sure to check for the different routes and points along your driving path that offer charging services. It’s important to know where to charge along the road in case you need to.

2. Get Accustomed To Your Electric Car’s Range

There are different charging ranges for different electric cars. Knowing yours is essential to determining the best way to charge as well as what your vehicle can handle. That way, you know just how much power is needed to charge your car up for the next trip.

3. Download Related Apps

Going electric also requires a digital backup. In the same way you need Google Maps to get around and find your destinations quicker, you also need EV apps to ease your charging needs. For instance, these apps can help you with the nearest charging point, how much juice your car needs, and so on.

4. A Charge Of 80% Is Healthy Enough

A lot of electric car owners love to see their vehicles with 100% juice after every charge. But this isn’t always necessary as your vehicle still needs to store extra kinetic energy generated, which is difficult with a full battery.

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In that case, an 80% charge is deemed as the sweet spot to charge your vehicle to.

5. Understand the Different Charging Connector Types

As an electric car owner, you’ve likely popped the question, “Are electric car chargers universal?” However, they are not, as each vehicle has a connector type tailored to its charging needs.

Moreover, there’s the common type known as the combined charging system that incorporates DC-fast and slow charging. Regardless, it’s important to check the manufacturer’s manual for proper guidance on what charger to use.

6. Remember to Charge, Not Park

There are multiple charging service points in several districts built to make charging vehicles faster and more accessible. However, this goal of improving the lives of electric vehicle owners can be hampered if those points are unavailable.

To avoid such instances, always remember to charge your vehicle and move on immediately after you’re done. At the same time, you should avoid parking at those points when you’re not charging, even if you own an electric vehicle. This will ensure a smoother charging experience for yourself and others involved.


The switch from classic fossil fuel vehicles to electric vehicles is a pretty simple but big step towards improving energy efficiency in the country as well as reducing the level of carbon footprint. But doing so requires a proper understanding of the electric vehicles, especially with regards to charging them.

Therefore, to get the most out of your electric vehicle, be sure to follow the tips above for better practices and safer driving.

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