Beyond Operations: How Fleet Tracking Can Empower Drivers

How Fleet Tracking Can Empower Drivers
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GPS fleet tracking technology can help you empower your drivers for greater road safety, enhanced well-being, and improved driving practices. Find out more.

Beyond Operations: How Fleet Tracking Can Empower Drivers

An estimated 29,429 people were seriously injured or killed in reported road collisions in the UK in the year ending June 2023. Of these road casualties, 4,676 were goods vehicle occupants. Road safety is not only the responsibility of the drivers in your fleet. It’s also up to operators and other road users to do their part. While other road users are beyond your remit, fleet owners or managers can use fleet tracking to empower your drivers for greater well-being, improved road safety, enhanced performance, better communication, and boosted team morale and productivity.

Support Driver Well-being

Being a fleet driver is physically demanding. In addition to the stress of being responsible for transporting goods and ensuring they are delivered on time, drivers are also impacted by dehydration, fatigue, and other factors that take a physical and emotional toll.

Use GPS vehicle tracking technology to monitor your drivers’ hours and workloads and help them schedule breaks. Encourage them to move around and get some fresh air, refuel and rehydrate their bodies with a meal or drink, and rest when they take breaks. Doing this can empower your fleet drivers to take charge of their health, combat fatigue, and enjoy greater well-being for better road safety.

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 Put Drivers On Efficient, Safe Routes

Empower your drivers for greater efficiency and safety by keeping them on safe routes. Use the data provided by vehicle tracking technology to plan around bad weather, congestion, and construction zones and to bypass low bridges and narrow roads.

Following optimised routes to avoid potential delays caused by factors such as congestion or bad weather will save your drivers the stress of idling or backtracking and help your business save money on fuel costs and vehicle wear and tear.

Encourage Safer Driving Practices

Fleet tracking with GPS technology allows you to monitor acceleration, braking, and speeding and to address potential issues with drivers. Sharp acceleration, harsh braking, and speeding contribute to vehicle wear and tear and can potentially endanger your drivers and other road users.

If the data you obtain through GPS tracking indicates that some drivers use unsafe driving practices, you can approach them individually to resolve the situation. You can also encourage your entire team to use safer driving practices as a whole. You can do this by offering constructive feedback during one-on-one meetings, team meetings, or group training sessions, which you can combine with team-building exercises.

Nurture a Positive Rapport

Empowering your drivers will boost team morale and productivity. This is not just lip service, it is backed up by an Oxford University study that found a conclusive link between happiness and productivity. According to the study, happy workers are 13% more productive than their unhappy coworkers. 

By using fleet tracking constructively, you can enhance communication and nurture a positive rapport between drivers and fleet management, resulting in happier, healthier drivers, better communication, more efficient operations, and greater road safety.

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