Utilization of the Solenoid Valves in Railway Applications

Utilization of the Solenoid Valves in Railway Applications
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There are multiple applications of solenoid valves in the railway system. The proportional solenoid valve is used in the bottom discharge doors, suspension of bogies, brake control system, etc in trains. The trains are balanced on the railways tracks without precise suspension and leveling of the bogie’s suspension and it is ensured by the solenoid valves.

The solenoid flow control valve is automatically opening and closing in the railway’s bogies as the pilot-operated valves are pressure sensitive. The other important use of the solenoid flow control valves is used to fix the pressure of the braking system. You can adjust the braking system with the proportional solenoid valve controller at the high speed, parking speed, and emergency braking system.

In this article, we are discussing various uses of solenoid valves in railways applications.

Bogies Suspension and Leveling:

The Bogie’s suspension and leveling on the railway tracks are maintained by the solenoid air flow control valve. The ready-to-install proportional solenoid valve controller provides the precise level and suspension of the bogies. The pressure switches make it possible to control the thrust and the pressure when the train is moving on the railway tracks.

Without the automatic pressure control of the suspension system, it is impossible to keep all the bogies on the same level, at a high speed. The bogies of the train are going to face high pressure at a fast speed.

Braking Control System:

The solenoid valves are used to adjust the braking system pressure. As the proportional solenoid valve controller is pressure sensitive, so you can adjust them on various pressure. These valves are going to adjust according to the requirements, for example, you are going to apply various pressures at the high speed and the parking speed of the train.

The different pressure is applied during the emergency brakes, and it is controlled by the installation of the proportional solenoid valve system. The train drivers have various switches to apply the brakes at a high speed and at a parking speed. It is only possible by the pressure-sensitive solenoid valves to apply brakes at various speeds as the bogies are facing different pressures.

Automatic Door Controlling System:

High-speed valves travel at the high speed of 350 km/h, you need a reliable proportional solenoid valve to open and close the doors automatically. The doors are adjusted to close and open by the sudden change of the pressure, when the train is moving and when it is stopping at the platform. The automatic doors are installed with pressure-sensitive solenoid valves, to control the opening and closing of the doors. The solenoid valves make it possible to control the automatic opening and closing of the high-speed train.


The proportional solenoid valve controller is used to train for various applications. These applications include the suspension of the bogies, the braking system, and the automatic opening and closing of the doors. It is the automatic working pattern of the solenoid valves, which allows the train to function precisely at the high speed.

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